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Matt Chandler Joins Disgraced Pastor, Mark Driscoll for “No Wishy-Washy Woke BS” Conference

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Yes, you read that title correctly. A Conference called the Theos Conference features a digital bobblehead of Matt Chandler over a banner stating that the conference is “FREE TO WATCH LIVE” with “NO WISHY WASHY WOKE BS PER USUAL.” And, of course, the uber-woke “I’ll take an African American 7 over an Anglo 8 so I don’t seem like a racist” Matt Chandler as its keynote speaker.

But, listed in the speaker line-up is none other than the disgraced former pastor of Mars Hill, Mark Driscoll.

Mark Driscoll is the fallen pastor who resigned (was basically fired from) from the church he founded for, well, basically being a horrible person. On accusations ranging from plagiarism to bullying, one thing is for sure, Mark Driscoll was a prideful man.

In recent years, however, Driscoll has resurfaced and made a comeback (as most fallen pastors do) in the charismatic and seeker-sensitive movement. Formerly an icon for the Young, Restless, and Reformed (New Calvinist) movement, Driscoll now runs around with prosperity gospel charlatans and doctrinally vapid emergents like Perry NobleJames MacDonald, and Steven Furtick.

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Sadly, others among the line-up include respectable names like Allie Beth Stuckey and Samuel Sey (who has now announced that he backed out, see below)—I hope they cancel. The remaining names on the list appear to be largely unrecognizable but are tied to both questionable and apostate churches such as Newspring and Celebration.

Update, Samuel Sey has backed out. Praise the Lord:

The conference boasts the following from the conference:

  • Theological Clarity: Hear from some of our favorite Pastors, Leaders and Biblical Scholars.
  • Prophetic Insight: Get some fresh perspective from leading voices with decades of fruitful ministry.
  • World Class Teachers: Theos Conference is a 3 day Big Gulp from a theological firehose.

You might get that from a couple of these speakers, but it’s doubtful it will be an overarching theme of the conference.


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