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Video: MABTS Tries to Pull the Microphone From Trevor Loudon! #EnemiesWithinTheChurch

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Following up on our report from yesterday, Judd Saul has released the video of MABTS pulling the microphone from Trevor Loudon as he was on stage.

President of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Michael Spradlin, forced an event held on the seminary’s campus not to show the movie Enemies Within: The Church despite an agreement the EWTC team had with the actual organizers of the event — Citizens for America. That group, Citizens for America, put together an event called Cultural Engagement Summit 2022. It was held at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary on Saturday, April 30, 2022.

Mr. Christopher Hughes of Citizens for America initially reached out to the EWTC team and asked them to financially sponsor the event. An agreement was reached so long as the movie Enemies Within: The Church would be shown. The showing was advertised for several weeks prior to the event without any adverse reaction. Airline tickets were booked, and hotel rooms were reserved so a team from EWTC could screen and promote the film.

One week prior to the scheduled showing, President Spradlin demanded the event cancel the showing of the film even though the seminary was not organizing the event, simply hosting it.

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The EWTC team has no idea why the showing of the film was senselessly canceled because it was shown late last year to a small audience at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. After attempts to convince the administration to reconsider and to get the event organizer to defend the EWTC team, nothing changed.

When the EWTC team showed up for the summit, they discovered that not only would there be no film (as contractually agreed upon), the trailer for the film was also forbidden.

During his speech, Mr. Trevor Loudon, one of the main speakers at the summit and part of the EWTC team, was explaining to the crowd that the seminary would not allow the film to be shown that night. No one had informed any of the attendees that the movie had been banned from the event. At approximately 5:30 p.m., before the conclusion of his speech, a pastor from the Conservative Baptist Network, Timothy Pigg, approached Loudon on stage and attempted to take the microphone away from him. Loudon was removed from the stage for taking a hardline stance against the Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary President Dr. Michael Spradlin. He exposed the unethical behavior of the seminary president who inexplicably disallowed the showing of the film, Enemies Within: The Church, and its trailer.

After the disgraceful attempt to silence Loudon, he was then forcibly escorted by armed guards back to his organization’s table and asked to leave immediately. Upon his refusal to leave, the armed guards monitored him until the event ended a few hours later. They gave no reason for his removal or for their attempt to immediately banish him from the campus.

Loudon refused to leave since he was an invited guest speaker by Mr. Christopher Hughes with the Citizens for America Foundation and because Enemies Within: The Church paid money to sponsor the event and to have a booth to sell books and copies of the film.

Numerous individuals were shocked that an institution like the Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, which prides itself on freedom of speech and Christian conservative values, would silence a nationally recognized and respected author, filmmaker, political commentator, and guest lecturer in such an aggressive manner.

“This is a clear example of someone valuing an ‘institution’ over the truth,” stated Judd Saul, Director of Enemies Within: The Church. “Everyone on our film team stands on truth. It just seems that there are too many institutional Baptists that can’t handle it. It’s time for these ‘leaders’ to follow the Bible and stand for truth instead of blindly protecting their compromised institutions. We pray that these men wake up.”

Perhaps the film hit a little too close to home.“Part of the film deals with Marxist infiltration of Southern Baptist churches, seminaries, and Bible colleges,” Loudon said. “The film criticizes some Baptist leaders for allowing and, in some cases, supporting such activity. Everyone who has criticized our film as being untruthful has yet to provide any evidence to back up their claims. Not one person has come forward.”

In response to this incident, The Enemies Within The Church team has decided to create a coupon code “MABTS” for 20% of their DVD which can be used on their website @ www.EnemiesWithinTheChurch.com


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