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Tim Keller Doubles Down on Uniting With People Who Sacrifice Children to Molech

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I’ve refrained from stating what I really think about people who pervert the gospel to advance their own ideological agendas, particularly those who would brush off the practice of abortion as an optional issue for Christians to concern themselves with the legality. But the fact of the matter is that these people make me want to vomit, and they should make you feel the same way.

In Revelation 3:16-18, God uses this language to describe the vile taste the “lukewarm” Christian leaves in His mouth—it makes Him want to vomit. These people are useless, in need of help but do not know it or seek it, and serve only to advance their own causes. God calls them to repent.

With a simple perusal of today’s church landscape, we see a number of these people who’ve propped themselves up as leading thinkers of the modern church but in reality, are nothing more than infiltrators seeking to devour the Bride of Christ. Of these men, Tim Keller, who has set himself up as a false apostle, disguising himself as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:13-15) while secretly bringing in destructive heresies (2 Peter 2:1), is now one of the primary examples of this vomitous breed of faux-Evangelical.

As we reported last week, Tim Keller is relentlessly downplaying the seriousness of abortion while urging churches and their congregations not to divide over the “political” issue of abortion.

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The Evangelical landscape is certainly fractured—and rightly so. Under no circumstances should true Christians hold hands with those who would refuse to think biblically and act in accordance with the Scriptures on the cultural issues the Church faces today. As M.L. Nowlin stated, “Show me your politics, and I will know your religion. Acting like these things are disconnected is gnostic and foolish – unless you’re doing it on purpose. Either way, it is wicked.” One’s politics is an outworking of one’s theology. One’s political and ideological views cannot be separated from their religious views unless, as Nowlin points out, one is acting inconsistently with his values.

It need not be pointed out that the church cannot under any circumstances unite with the demonically-instituted Democrat party—the party of abortion, sexual immorality, greed, covetousness, sloth, theft, and injustice. The party that craftily stands itself up as the party that supports justice when biblically critiqued, that notion holds no water. And men like Tim Keller who continue to preach and teach a path of unity between biblical Christians and progressives are waterless clouds headed to destruction and they’re taking along all those who are willing to follow.

Recently, Keller doubled down on his “unity with child sacrificers” ideology. Pointing out that his thread wasn’t about “debating abortion,” but rather how Christians apply the “inconsistently” to abortion, Keller argues that Christians can have the same morals yet disagree on how to operate within that framework of morality.

Keller’s argument is essentially that Christians can have opposing political views on which policies reduce abortions while both sides can believe abortion to be wrong. But his logic is beyond flawed, it’s absurd. It’s really not that difficult and there really isn’t any biblical nuance to these policies. God HATES the hands that shed innocent blood (Proverbs 6:17)—it’s called murder. God has instituted the civil government to wield the sword of justice against those who would murder the innocent. Instead, Keller wants to argue that while conservatives believe it should be illegal, it’s okay for a Christian to hold the progressive position that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.”

Pretending that abortion is an equivalent matter to the sloth in our society receiving their fair share of free handouts is exactly where the social justice camp of Evangelicalism are today.

The biblical position is that abortion is an affront to the image of God, an unjust act against an innocent victim, it should be illegal, and those who commit it should be put to death. To argue otherwise, or to tolerate those who would argue otherwise, is to stand face to face in opposition to God Himself.

And who do you think is going to win that face-off? I wouldn’t want to be in Tim Keller’s shoes on judgment day.


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