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Pastor Who Backs Down From LGBTQ Mafia Starts a “Man Camp”

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Last year, Crossroads Church which is pastored by Brian Tome, held an event with a speaker named David Mahan. Mahan is the Director of Policy with the Center for Christian Virtue who preached a really good sermon on sexuality from a biblical perspective, but the event drew the ire of the LGBTQ mafia and even a few folks who attended the church.

Referring to the transgender craze that is plaguing the nation currently, Mahan gave the following illustration:

If you have a child struggling with gender dysphoria (such as a girl thinking she’s a boy) and you go to a clinic in this area, eventually you’ll get down to brass tacks on if you want a dead daughter or a live son.

What is your response? Affirmation, or do you try to get her distorted mentality of herself to line up with her biological reality? What do we do? And if we do the latter, why wouldn’t we do it with the same dysphoric condition of transgender?

However, according to the Cincinnati Inquirer, one church attendee was “appalled and disgusted” by Mahan’s sermon, stating “It felt like the rug was being ripped out from underneath me.”

“I came here thinking it truly was an affirming, accepting church. And sitting inside that service last week, I was appalled, disgusted, and then devastated to see how many people stood up in ovation to the message,” the attendee said.

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Brian Webb, a former Worship leader at Crossroads said he was “shocked.”

“He was saying we need to keep transgender people and activists out of the church. That causes so much pain to a group that’s already very vulnerable and marginalized,” Webb told the Inquirer.

This then caused what is known as a “pop-up pride event,” a phenomenon that is trending where homosexuals and other sexually deviant people gather together outside of a conservative church or organization to protest their stance on biblical sexuality. The pride event was organized by an activist last July outside of Crossroads Church and the event called on the church to openly welcome transgender activists within their congregation.

All-in-all, the Church, including Brian Tome, ultimately backed down and caved to the mafia, issuing an apology and stating that “I invited a man to speak on children transitioning to a different sex prior to puberty, ” but that “Having that as a topic wasn’t a mistake.”

“What was a mistake,” Tome said, “was that with such a sensitive and complex topic, our community deserved to hear biblically rooted teaching from me first instead of someone outside our community who is connected to a very polarizing institution.”

“My regret and my apology is that I didn’t more formally vet the content and the organization. I should have been the one to deliver a message like that.”

Tome went on to conclude that his “understanding on things such as sexuality that don’t fit into either side of the polarizing political paradigm of America,” and that “biblical teaching doesn’t fit purely in the right or the left.”

This is the same Brian Tome who will be offering a “man camp” this October to, apparently, teach men how to be men. The same man who now believes that biblical sexuality is neither conservative nor progressive is going to teach men how to operate within their biblically-defined gender role.

Tome, who describes himself as one who “has been driving men to be the best version of themselves for over two decades,” and who “knows first-hand the primal power of challenge, brotherhood, and no-nonsense leadership,” is offering the Man Camp for “an off-the-grid, primitive weekend camping experience for men 18 and older.”

“It’s a break from the numbing grind of comfort and busyness. It’s like jumping in a sketchy van and ripping away to freedom. But in the woods, with a bunch of other guys desperate to breathe some life into their lungs.”

“This isn’t a kumbaya-singing, sit-and-get, church camp. You’ll be challenged physically, mentally, and spiritually. It’s a BYO-Everything weekend, including food. You’ll ruck all of your gear in with your unit over challenging terrain to find and establish your camp. Everything throughout the weekend is designed for maximum impact, even the down time.”

Honestly, it sounds fantastic, but one must ask themselves if Brian Tome, who caves to homosexuals, is really the right man to lead such an event.


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