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TGC Platforms Marxist to Legitimize the Marxist Term “Whiteness,” Quotes Queer-Affirming Theologian

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Apostasy, heresy, News, Politics, Racialism, Religion, Social Justice, Social-Issues, The Church, Video | 0 comments

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Willie James Jennings is a prominent proponent and teacher of Black Liberation Theology and currently serves as an associate professor of systematic theology and Africana studies at Yale University. Jennings is the author of the Belief series of commentaries on books of the Bible, including a commentary on the Book of Acts where he wrote “gay marriage must be celebrated just as strongly, as loudly, and as intensely as any marriage of disciples, because what begins in civil toleration when touched by the Spirit of the living God becomes joyous and extravagant celebration.”

This is the man that a recent The Gospel Coalition podcast guest used to argue in favor of mainstreaming the cultural Marxist term, “whiteness.”

Jake Meador, a neo-Marxist recently appeared on The Gospel Coalition’s podcast to promote his Marxist worldview.

In an article titled Black Patriotism and National Conservatism at Mere Orthodoxy, Meador recently wrote, “I do not think I’m really a conservative anymore. I think Willie Jennings’s historiography is correct, I think Malcolm X was more right than wrong, I think Kwame Nkrumah was more right than wrong and so was Julius Nyerere. And all of that forces me toward a more radical critique of the west than I think many in the national conservative crowd wish to make.”

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Meador was also recently promoted by the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. During his podcast at The Gospel Coalition, Meador explained that Willie James Jennings, a queer-affirming liberation theologian, is where he got the idea to separate fights over “racial justice” and LGBTQ issues.

Quotes below were taken from clips uploaded by Woke Preacher TV.

JAKE MEADOR: | actually also think if whiteness is this kind of centering of the self, it’s a refusal to give nature a voice, which Jennings talks about, then actually, that’s also going to be really friendly to a certain kind of natural law argument about how we imagine the human person. And so it, in my mind | think, I’m still arguing with a lot of people about it, but to me, | look at that and I’m like, okay, one of the big problems we have right now rhetorically for Christians in the U.S. is that racial justice and LGBT+ causes get lumped together as being the same fight. But actually, if whiteness is this kind of centering of the self and indifference to neighbor and difference to place indifference to anything outside of your kind of inner authentic self, well, the place where that idea is being used today is to defend same-sex marriage, abortion, all of these socially progressive causes. And so | look at that and, like, the underlying logic of the colonialists that was so deeply racist seems to me extremely similar to the underlying logic of social progressives today.

COLLIN HANSEN: And you have that actual colonialism still going on today with money involved from Christian denominations to political groups when it comes to African Christians on sexual issues, right?

MEADOR: Well, there was an absolutely delightful op-ed, it was maybe 15 years ago, but | remember seeing it in college and just getting a kick out of it. | think it was a Ugandan cleric in the Anglican church was in London for a gathering of the global Anglican communion, and he wrote an editorial for a local conservative paper in London accusing all of the Church Of England and Episcopalians of colonialism because they were trying to tell all of the conservative African Anglicans what they need to believe and teach about sexuality and gender. And this, | think it was a bishop, was like, “No, we’re not doing the colonialist thing again. We’re over that. Stop.”

HANSEN: Yeah, yeah. That’s what | mean. That’s an interesting observation there.

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