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Woke Pastor Compares Ketanji Brown Jackson to Jesus and the Prophets Who Were “Rejected by Men”

by | Apr 14, 2022

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Continuing our series on woke pastors praising and worshiping Ketanji Brown Jackson as though she’s the embodiment of the return of Christ Himself, today, courtesy of Woke Preacher TV, we bring you Dr. Robert L Grove of Joshua Baptist Church in Charleston, SC.

During Grove’s sermon, Grove talks about how Jesus, Moses, Joseph, Noah, and David were all rejected by men but that God knew they were qualified.

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“Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, the hearings, as she was nominated by president Biden, going through the proceedings…she had more trial experience than any Supreme Court Justice…more qualified than any nominee that has been brought before the nominating committee…yet we had to watch the disrespect, the nitpicking, the condescending tone while her children and her parents sat and watched…rejection is real but rejection doesn’t mean you’re not good enough,” Grove preached in reference to a pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ far-left activist judge who stands for everything God hates.

“That’s what this story is about as Jesus enters into this passion week,” Grove preaches. “He was able to do some phenomenal things from the position of rejection.”

“He had been rejected over and over again, but I’m so glad to let you that the God we serve, even in rejection, is a God of restoration,” Grove added.

Sadly, these men are going to have a wake-up call on judgment day when they meet the one, true, real, and everlasting Judge of all the world, Jesus Christ.



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