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SBC’s Resident Race Baiter Once Again Defending Black Man Who Tried to Kill Police Officer

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In case you missed the news, once again, the media is aflame with reports that a peace-loving unarmed Black man was shot and killed by a White supremacist police officer for absolutely no reason. Yep, that’s the narrative. And once again, that narrative is a lie.

The narrative goes that a Black man was face down and the only thing he did was commit a misdemeanor by driving around in a car without a legal tag on it. He did not deserve to be shot. But the video of the incident released by the Grand Rapids Police Department, as usual, tells a completely different story than the media wants you to believe. The video clearly shows that this “unarmed Black man” spent several minutes fighting with the officer and resisting arrest and even grabbed the officer’s taser. The officer warned for several minutes during the struggle for him to let go of the taser.

From the video, it was clearly a last resort to use deadly force against this man. If he had successfully retrieved the taser from the officer and would have been able to use it against the officer, then the officer’s life would have clearly been in danger. By disabling the officer, he could have also taken the officer’s gun and used deadly force against the officer.

But that isn’t the part the left wants you to know about. They only want you to know that this was an “unarmed Black man” who was killed by a racist White cop.

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But we expect our pastors and church leaders to think differently. To think clearly and biblically. To understand that a government instituted by God has laws and that those laws are to be obeyed and that justice is to be served against those who don’t. This is basic Romans 13 theology. Yet, our “leaders” are already jumping upon the leftist bandwagon and embracing the false narrative.

Here, Dwight McKissic, the Southern Baptist Convention’s resident race-baiter, once again bemoaning the fact that it isn’t unthinkable that a police officer has the right—and the duty—to defend himself and others around him.

“AA’s being brutalized by police?” Simply absurd. “Without weapons?” Stupid! Again, this man was clearly attempting to arm himself with the officer’s weapons and had plenty of time and verbal warnings to stop resisting and let go of the taser before he ultimately succumbed to the rightful self-defense of the officer.

Interestingly, we heard not one peep or squeal from McKissic about the Black man on the New York subway earlier this week who opened fire on a trainload of White people. A clear act of racially-motivated violence as the words the offender himself said so.

How much longer do Southern Baptists want to put up with such filth as Dwight McKissic? This man is not a pastor, not a shepherd, and not a leader. He is nothing but a racial agitator who delights in the division caused by his rhetoric while bemoaning the Word of God.


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