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Former Hillsong NYC Pastor, Carl Lentz’s Wife Speaks Out About the “Relentless Lies” About Their Family

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Carl Lentz, the former pastor of Hillsong NYC location, was removed from ministry by Hillsong’s lead pastor, Brian Houston after he admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with another woman. The details of this relationship, which was sexual, were released in a recent documentary on Discovery+ where the woman Lentz had the relationship with described him as persistent in pursuing her.

As this scandal unfolded, and Lentz’s boss, Brian Houston has also been released due to his own emerging scandal involving inappropriate relationships with women, thousands of stories have been written about Lentz and his wife including several on The Dissenter.

Of course, this would be unimaginably hard on Lentz’s wife, Laura, who has had to endure not only the brunt of her husband’s cheating but also the relentless pursuit of the paparazzi against her and her family, including their children. Nonetheless, these stories have been told and the reports have been published—Hillsong has been exposed.

Carl Lentz among them.

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Laura, however, has now accused the media of publishing “relentless lies” against her and her family. In an Instagram post, Laura writes, “My family has remained silent throughout this ordeal because our priority has been the healing of our family.”

“This does not mean we do not have a lot to say! When the time is right,” she added, “we have a lot to say about what has happened as well as speaking directly to the RELENTLESS lies, accusations and hypocritical scapegoating that has sadly been so prevalent. Until then, we are so grateful for the constant support of so many. Your kindness has meant the world to us. We are looking forward to a brighter day!”

The Lentz family is already threatening legal action against the Christian Post which leaked details of a confidential investigation into Hillsong.

Carl Lentz has been one of the most popular pastors among millennials for the last decade. In 2010, Lentz co-founded Hillsong Church NYC with Joel Houston, son of Hillsong’s head CEO, Brian Houston. In that decade, the church grew in attendance to over 9 thousand and has been a popular spot for holiday specials, including its annual Christmas special.

Lentz, who had been preaching a watered-down gospel for a decade, should actually hear what the gospel has to say about the sin he’s engulfed himself in right now. Repent and turn to Christ. Believe in Him. His church should have held him to that standard — they should have insisted on it. But they didn’t, because Hillsong isn’t about godly reconciliation, it’s a business that’s about making money.

Carl Lentz had no business preaching and teaching, to begin with. Hopefully, he and his family will eventually come to Christ and truly know him. In the meantime, they are simply fighting a carnal battle for their own image and throwing everyone else under the bus for their own sins.


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