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Apostate False Teacher Rick Warren Praises and Endorses SBC Candidate, Bart Barber

by | Apr 9, 2022

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Rick Warren, the pastor of one of the largest Southern Baptist churches in the nation, has thrown his support behind the soft-tailed, non-convictional presidential candidate for the Southern Baptist Convention, Bart Barber.

Like the vast majority of SBC presidents in modern history, Barber has no real convictions on the greater issues facing the denomination including the attacks on the inerrancy of Scripture through worldly ideologies such as Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. He also has no real convictions on the biblical doctrine of complementarianism and has defended relentlessly those who pervert the doctrine—like Dwight McKissic—while maligning those who attempt to defend it. In fact, Barber’s entire campaign and purpose for running is, in effect, to alienate those who dare to bear the sword of truth against the invasion of vain philosophies.

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So it makes perfect sense that Rick Warren would endorse and defend Barber. Warren, himself, has been a Bible-twisting blasphemer for essentially his entire career. Last year, Warren made headlines after his church ordained women pastors in opposition to the Southern Baptist Convention’s official statement of faith.

As we wrote in an article we published yesterday, Bart Barber is the man for the Unity Over Integrity™ wing of the denomination who wants to do whatever they want to do without doctrinal conviction or accountability. Bart Barber is the man these people believe will carry that out for them.



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