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The SBC Establishment Has Spoken, Bart Barber is Their Candidate for President

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In the wake of the clown show that was Willy Rice’s short-lived candidacy for Southern Baptist Convention president, less than 24 hours after he stepped down, the establishment named their candidate and will now consolidate their collective power to ensure his victory.

Barber, who represents the Unity Over Integrity™ wing of the Southern Baptist Convention is the full manifestation of this idea made flesh. In fact, as we reported yesterday, Barber was among the lone wolves in the entire denomination who actually had the gall publicly defend former SBC president, Ed Litton’s serial plagiarism scandal.

You can rest assured that the establishment fawned over his courage and they will now rally to show their support for the candidate that meets—no, exceeds—their highest ever expectations.

Here are a few of those expressing their gratitude over the enlistment of their top warrior into the soldier-hood of Southern Baptist nothingness. First up, is Phillip Bethancourt, one of the former leaders of the ERLC. “Big SBC news today!!!”

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That is big news, especially since, according to Willy Rice, neither of the other two has a passion for missions and Evangelism. As Rice departed the race leaving only Tom Ascol and Robin Hadaway—two men with tremendous character and a ministry track record that exceeds both for missions and evangelism—he wrote: I do hope another candidate will emerge whose ministry has been characterized by leading in the local church with a passion for the Great Commission.

Obviously, the Southern Baptist Big Top has found that man—Bart Barber.

Yes, this is the same Bart Barber who relentlessly defends Dwight McKissic, one of the most divisive Southern Baptist pastors in the history of the Church. McKissic, a tongue-babbling charismatic, a racist and racial instigator, and a feminist who stands with the likes of Jesse Jackson, has become a sort of mentor to Barber.

Here is Barber hosting McKissic for a podcast he was doing at the time called the Plowshare Podcast. Of McKissic, Barber wrote, “How interesting and fun! Last night’s podcast recording with William Dwight McKissic Sr. was inspirational and informative. When it publishes, some aspects of the evening may surprise you.”

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Barber, a self-described “complementarian” who isn’t actually complementarian wrote defending McKissic, an egalitarian who rejects the SBC’s official statement of faith on women preachers, calling him “differently complementarian.” A made-up word that means absolutely nothing and exemplifies Barber’s lack of integrity.

But I digress, Barber, nonetheless, remains the favorite of the SBC diehards because he, well, represents their mission to be completely mission-less, purposeless, and united in all things save integrity. After all, integrity is divisive.

Diehards, like Dan Darling, another ERLC establishment candidate who was fired from NRB for, well, lacking integrity, peacocks his support for Barber.

Seriously? Nobody understands Baptist distinctive as clearly as Bart? Again, the “differently complementarian” thing. Bart understands nothing.

Want to talk about integrity? Well, here’s Bart just a few weeks ago explaining on Twitter why he is NOT going to “throw his name in the hat” of the SBC presidential race.

Barber is not a leader—he is a follower. More accurately, he is a boot-licker who does what he is told. He didn’t jump into this race out of a conviction to lead the denomination back toward stability and unity, he jumped in this race because he was told to do so by those who’ve already climbed the ladder higher than he has. This is his moment to prove himself to the establishment he so desires to be a part of. This is his moment, and his people want to give it to him.

The establishment needs someone in office to carry out their dirty work, and they know he will obey. People like James Merritt and Danny Akin, Kevin Ezell and Adam Greenway. Bart’s primary job is to appoint others to committees, and these men have a laundry list of men they need to be appointed to protect their own kingdoms. Bart Barber is just the marionette to do it.

After all, if Barber can defend the serial plagiarism that ultimately got Ed Litton removed from office, it proves he can do anything. He’s super-Bart.


Like my friend Rod Martin said, “If you liked Ed Litton, you will love Bart Barber.”


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