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Boot-Licking Plagiarism Apologist Announces Bid For SBC Presidency

by | Apr 7, 2022

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Following the year-long charade in the Southern Baptist Convention that is the current presidency and his scandal of serial plagiarism, Ed Litton has decided he would not seek a second term after the backlash of the vast majority of rank-and-file Southern Baptists.

In his wake, several candidates have been announced including Founders Ministry leader, Tom Ascol, Southern Baptist seminary professor, Robin Hadaway, and pastor of Calvary Church in Tampa, Willy Rice. Rice has since withdrawn his candidacy due to his own issues with leadership in his church. However, a new candidate has arisen to fill his shoes—and that candidate is the boot-licking plagiarism apologist, Bart Barber.

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As Litton’s plagiarism scandal was making its waves throughout daily denominational life, there was one prominent voice out there on social media defending him. That man was Texas pastor of First Baptist Church, Farmersville, Bart Barber.

Barber has already been appointed by Ed Litton to serve this year’s convention on the Resolutions Committee—the committee responsible for overseeing which potential resolutions, like the pro-CRT resolution from 2019, make it to the floor for a vote. In response to a widespread call to action against Litton for his unrepentant sin, Bart Barber, pastor at First Baptist Church, Farmersville, TX, says unequivocally, “I do not believe Ed Litton should resign.”

“Ed Litton,” Barber continues, “is not the SBC pastor or the SBC preacher; he’s the SBC president. The task of the presidency consists precisely of appointing committees and conducting the Annual Meeting in such a way as to protect the will of the messengers.”

“Litton has not transgressed the Baptist Faith & Message, nor has he committed any malfeasance of his office.”

So, Barber does not believe that serial plagiarism disqualifies a man from running the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. Barber does not believe that the Southern Baptist Convention president must have integrity. Well, that’s news. Do we really want someone like Barber to hold such a high office in the denomination who doesn’t even believe that the office he holds should be held by a man with integrity?

Barber has also been a staunch defender of the controversial racist Scripture-twister, Dwight McKissic not to mention that he is fully on board with the woke church Critical Race Theory movement. More on that in a later post.



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