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SBC Cabal Member Mocks Southern Baptists Who Want to Avoid Disney Over Child-Grooming Agenda

by | Apr 4, 2022

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Last week, a group of conservative Southern Baptists called the Conservative Baptist Network released a statement urging families to avoid Disney in light of the company’s newly-exposed agenda to indoctrinate children into an LGBTQ lifestyle while promising to make fifty percent of its characters LGBTQ or a racial minority by the end of 2022.

“We call on Disney to reverse course and stop its explicit assault on parents’ rights and its assault on children,” the statement on the CBN website reads. “Until then, we cannot, in good conscience and Christian witness, encourage fellow Southern Baptists to support a company bent on this ideological course.”

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The statement continued, “While Southern Baptist Convention leaders have announced an arrangement with Disney that offers messengers attending the SBC Annual Meeting in Anaheim discounted tickets to Disneyland this summer, the Conservative Baptist Network urges Southern Baptists to choose another family activity rather than support the anti-biblical agenda now clearly present within the Disney corporation.”

In the wake of this statement, Jimmy Scroggins—a Southern Baptist elitist who served on the board of LifeWay while allegedly breaking LifeWay’s bylaws to receive monetary benefits for book publishing and chaired the board while LifeWay awarded former CEO, Thom Rainer a one million dollar severance package—mocks those who want to avoid Disney.

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What Scroggins, like most people in their ivory towers, doesn’t grasp is that this isn’t about Disney, it isn’t about causing Disney to financially fail, and it isn’t about using our collective power to get these companies to change. No, it’s about protecting our children from their influence.

Currently, the Southern Baptist Convention is continuing to promote and partner with Disney to offer discounts to Disneyland to Southern Baptist families visiting California this summer for the annual meeting in Anaheim.



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