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Round-up of Stupid Tim Keller Tweets

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Tim Keller has been heralded as one of the “great thinkers” of modern Evangelicalism. With his pseudo-intellectualism and his pithy comments, it’s easy for him to garner thousands of “likes” on social media from the mindless, unable-to-think-for-themselves NPCs all over the web.

Occasionally, we will do a round-up of stupid things that Tim Keller tweets and comment on them. Here are a few.

First up, “If you care about people you will care about cities because cities are filled with people.”

Besides the fact that this is a non-sequitur—you don’t have to care about the city itself to care about the people within it—it’s really just more of his dumb “urban mandate” stuff. Keller’s objective in his unbiblical idea of the “urban mandate” is really just a promotion of syncretism in urban churches. Further, Keller is obsessed with social justice, and that is much more easily accomplished when churches conglomerate in “diverse” areas.

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Next up, Tim Keller explains that everyone’s views and perspectives are pitted up against others, but what matters most is “loving opponents.”

This tweet actually started out good, but then ended with a rather silly remark. To leap from these initial truth claims to “loving opponents” being what “matters” just demonstrates the unseriousness of Keller at times. Of course, we should love our opponents, but what matters is the truth—for it is the truth that sets people free (John 8:32).

And lastly for today, Keller says “To “fear the Lord,” biblically, means to be in awe and wonder of his greatness and love.”

No, that’s not what it means to fear the Lord. To fear the Lord means to literally be afraid to sin against Him because he is a righteous, just, and Holy God who pours out His wrath against sin. For those who are in Christ, fearing Him means understanding that His wrath has been poured out on Christ and aiming to please Him in all that we do because our regenerate hearts are aligned with His will.


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