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Lesbian Passion Conference Speaker Praises Ketanji “I Can’t Define Woman” Brown Jackson

by | Mar 25, 2022

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One of the leading priestesses of the “gay Christianity” movement is Jackie Hill Perry–a favorite among The Gospel Coalition and Southern Baptist types. Hill Perry, an open lesbian who ended up marrying a man–despite her continued attraction to women according to her own words–holds a number of unbiblical views.

Hill Perry was a recent speaker at the highly popular Passion Conference, a student conference that hosts a mixture of false teachers, heretics, and social justice activists. The conference boasted well over 50 thousand in attendance and is filled with young, impressionable minds.

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So what do they get fed? This:

Jackie Hill Perry is undoubtedly a far-left political activist. This is what supposed Christian leaders are feeding supposed Christian students—leftist political garbage. Jackie Hill Perry is praising a far-left nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, for Supreme Court who was chosen not on the basis of her qualifications, but solely on the basis of her skin color and genitalia. That, in and of itself, is odd since Brown Jackson (what is it with far-left women going by both their maiden and married names?) openly stated that she could not define “woman” because she “isn’t a biologist.”

After backlash, Hill Perry explained her reasoning for supporting this woman:

This woman is not accomplished—in fact, she accomplished absolutely nothing to reach the position she’s in except for having the right skin color and being of the right gender, none of which she accomplished on her own. And the only things she has accomplished is to set sex offenders free and advance the cause of abortion. Literally, she has achieved nothing else in her life.

Of course, we didn’t see the same kind of treatment from these leftist church infiltrators when Amy Coney Barrett was nominated. It’s clear that Hill Perry is pleased by this for these same reasons that Joe Biden nominated her.



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