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Southern Baptist Megachurch to Host Helicopter Easter Egg Drop for Easter Sunday

by | Mar 21, 2022

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In the midst of the Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) complete and total meltdown of reality, the divide between the progressives and the conservatives is growing rapidly. And unsurprisingly so. No matter who ultimately wins control of the Southern Baptist Convention, the historical trend is that all man-made institutions ultimately die—it is only the Bride of Christ upon which the gates of Hell are promised not to prevail.

Despite this, conservatives are fighting hard, God bless them. And if it is the will of God to save the SBC for a time, so be it.

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As part of this progressive push, the Southern Baptist Convention is now embroiled in a sex abuse scandal of the highest degree. Interestingly, the scandal isn’t in the sex abuse itself, but in the investigation of sex abuse. In 2021, Ed Litton was narrowly elected as Southern Baptist president in the wake of accusations made by former ERLC head, Russell Moore, that the SBC had been involved in a decades-long cover-up of sex abuse. This is simply not true. While there have been legitimate victims of sex abuse, the notion that there has been a conspiracy to cover them up is absurd.

Behind the push for this investigation are men like Grant Gaines, son of former SBC president, Steve Gaines, Bruce Frank, and Dean Inserra. At the annual meeting last year, Gaines and Inserra paraded an alleged victim up to the microphone and used her as a political prop to push for this investigation.

All of that was just noise, though. It is now highly speculated that all of this was simply to groom Gaines himself for the SBC presidency.

Whether or not Gaines will run during this cycle against the current sole nominee, Willy Rice, or not is not clear, but it is apparent that this position is on his radar.

So, who is Grant Gaines? Well, besides just another one of the liberals hell-bent on moving the denomination to the left, he’s also a literal three-ring circus master. One of the things that were prevalent among Southern Baptist and Evangelical megachurches prior to the COVID-19 shutdowns was the extravagant performances put on by these churches for special events.

Among these events have been churches doing stupid things like giving away free cars to Easter service attendees, hauling in a full-size dumpster to the stage and preaching from inside the dumpster, and putting on literal circus events with cotton candy, clowns, and the whole she-bang.

This year, Grant Gaines will be teaming up with Bishop Chris Johnson of Zion Christian Ministries to drop “thousands of eggs” from a helicopter on Easter Sunday. “The kids will love it.”



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