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Brian Houston’s Episodes Removed From Hillsong Channel’s TV Website

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Following revelations last week that Hillsong founder and former CEO, Brian Houston, has been embroiled in a sex scandal, Houston’s television episodes have been removed from the megachurch’s television channel’s website.

The Hillsong Channel, a subsidiary of Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), has hosted Houston and his show for years, including at least one episode that featured Beth Moore along with Joel Osteen, Matt Crouch, and other apostates.

It appears that current leadership at Hillsong is attempting to distance the organization from its multiple sex scandals over the last few years which also included the highly popular NYC campus pastor, Carl Lentz, who admitted to having an affair with a Muslim woman and another New Jersey pastor who admitted to having an affair.

While Hillsong is an apostate organization, an attempt to rebrand itself while distancing itself from Houston will likely win them a few converts. Perhaps this is why the organization removed the episodes.

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Below is a screenshot of Houston’s page of episodes prior to its removal as archived by the Wayback machine.

Clicking the same URL today will only get you the following result:

We can only speculate as to how far Hillsong will attempt to go to scrub away all of the organization’s filth, false teachings, scandals, and debauchery instead of just dealing with it, repenting, and turning their faces toward Christ.


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