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Anglican Organist Fornicates With Another Man, Shocked His Church Says He Must Repent, Files Complaint

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The Anglican denomination in the UK and Australia is similar to that of the United Methodists in the U.S. in that the denomination itself has gone largely apostate, but there are a few faithful congregations that, for whatever reason, are hanging on by a thread and not giving up. While these churches have their reasons for doing so, the control these denominations have over the local churches should be enough to separate. But it isn’t.

While the Anglican denomination does not officially sanction gay marriage, like the United Methodists, many have been doing it for years and getting away with it. The unofficial support is there through its leadership—this is why many, who are still in the more conservative congregations mixed throughout the denomination, are horrified when their church asks them to repent of their homosexual behavior.

This is exactly what happened with one gay organist at St Mary’s Church in West Armidale. Peter Sanders, who had been fornicating with another man, was asked by his church to repent of his sexual immorality and separate from the man he’d been sodomizing if he wanted to retain his position in the church. It seems like a logical request, after all, the Church is for the redeemed people of God, those who have repented of their sins and trust in Christ.

For some, however, like Sanders, that was simply asking too much. In fact, Sanders was so shocked to find out that a church desired to have godly people within its congregation that he filed a complaint with the anti-discrimination board in New South Wales.

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The Star Observer reports:

Sanders,  in his complaint lodged with the Anti-Discrimination Board, has claimed he was unlawfully terminated from his job for being gay and marrying his same-sex partner, reported The Australian. According to the church, Sanders was never employed with them and was only being paid an honorarium. 

According to this same report, “Sanders has demanded that the Dean of the Armidale Diocese apologize to him and his husband, The Australian reported”

An online petition, that, as of the time of this writing, has over 19 thousand signatures, is calling on the church to reinstate the sodomite.

The two men cannot accept these conditions, and as their friends and fellow parishioners, we stand with them. Peter and his husband have brought nothing but happiness, love, and care to St Mary’s. We value them as members of the congregation, and could not bear to see their loving marriage ended. 

The petition says that an “overwhelming majority” of the congregation is welcoming to the two homosexuals practicing their sin and unrighteousness before God in the name of God. We can emphatically say that it’s a good thing this church has slightly better leadership than the congregation and the congregation should be thankful that the leadership is at least making an attempt to remain faithful to the text. However, time will tell if these leaders actually cave to the mob or not.


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