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Monday Round-up of False Prophets and False Prophecies

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Happy Monday! To get the week started off, we thought it would be prudent to demonstrate some of the false prophecies that have been making rounds recently. As we know, America is not mentioned in the Scriptures. We know that God judges the nations that turn their backs on Him and that America would be included among these nations. But God is not in covenant with America. Despite this, the false prophets who have arisen among us in these days continue to declare what they claim is God’s will over this nation—they are liars and deceivers.

First among them, Charlie Shamp. Shamp is the President and Co-Founder of Destiny Encounters International in Nashville. Besides the fact that anyone who takes a guy with hair like this seriously speaks volumes about the mental decline in this nation, the simple fact that prophets like these do not exist in modern times should be enough to write him off. Yet, hundreds—thousands—shared and liked this lie stating that God is coming to “save America.”

Let’s be real, America is an idolatrous nation. We commit more abortions than any other nation in the world with maybe the exception of China. We promote homosexuality and sexual immorality—even in our so-called churches. And we blaspheme the name of God daily. Barring a miraculous intervention from God to change the hearts of the multitudes through the gospel, we have no biblical reason to believe God is returning to “save America.”

Next up is our favorite pink-haired false prophetess who says that she saw visions of Christians being sent to a “mock hell” to be tormented by Satan for wearing jeans and make-up, who says that Santa Claus lives in Christmastown in Heaven, and who says that Michael Jackson is in Heaven–is back at it again with the crazy, made-up nonsense. She also recently claimed that Mickey Mouse is in Heaven, you know, just doing his thing.

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Well, now in a recent outlandish claim, as reported by Protestia, she says that God kills backsliding Christians to make sure they get to Heaven before they’re too far gone. She says:

And he took me to this one place where this pastor had been deceiving people, I’m not naming names. I didn’t know this person. But this is something that will actually happen…I saw this pastor had been lying and cheating and doing all kinds of unclean things and thought he was okay, that Pastor dropped dead.

And people crawled…forward and dragged him off the platform and dragged him out., because they couldn’t stand up. And I heard the voice of God said I will appoint ‘him’ (pointing to another man) ‘and everybody knew who that ‘him’ was. That him crawls up on the platform and God says ‘this is your pastor.’ And I’m saying, if you think God’s not gonna divinely do things, you better think twice, he is still God, he has a plan for this earth.

Interview host, Steve Shultz asks: Do you happen to know was he lost? Did he go home early? What do you or do you have any idea?

Kerr replies:

I do know that sometimes God will take somebody before he’ll let them go to hell. And if they weren’t living right, and they dropped dead, they probably had that moment of when they died that probably faced Christ to see if he is going to help. So I don’t know that part. I only know that he was showing me that when he says he will judge the church first. He meant it.

Next up, Roehrig Gary. Not much is known about Gary, but we can say emphatically that despite what you think about Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy, he is definitely not the Antichrist. Yet, that’s exactly what this guy is claiming he found out in a dream.

These confused people do not understand the Scriptures. They twist Acts 2:17-18, a description of the day of Pentecost, and apply it to themselves today. In reality, the Scriptures that apply to these people more closely match the following:

For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths. —2 Timothy 4:3-4


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