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Steven Furtick Says God Blesses Your Sins and No Man Can Curse It

by | Mar 2, 2022

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Steven Furtick, a notorious and serial blasphemer, narcissist, and Scripture-twister, is completely immersed in the Word-of-Faith movement.

Furtick has been hand-crafted by his mentor, Trinity-denier, T.D. Jakes, has been the motivation and inspiration for his style of self-help preaching. Whether it be Furtick denying God’s sovereignty over man, lying about baptism numbers, hosting a non-Trinitarian fraud at his church, claiming that Jesus sinned, saying that Abram asked God for Viagra, or comparing Jesus to a gay rapper, there is no doubt that Furtick’s theological understanding of God is severely lacking.

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In one of his latest examples of spectacularly poor exegesis, Furtick goes on to claim that no matter what kind of sin you’re caught up in your life, God will bless that anyways. Protestia writes, “The whole statement oozes with a sort of hyper-deterministic grace, where God sees your mess,(i.e your sins) and the ramifications of your sins, and instead of you having to repent of your sins and give yourself over to some good old-fashioned metanoia, God’s just gonna do it anyway- bless your mess in order to solve your situation and keep you from the consequences of it.”

Now I need everybody who’s got a messy situation in your life right now to know what your maker did when this whole thing God started. He rolled up his sleeves and he said, ‘I’ll make the moon with my mouth. I can hang it with a syllable. ‘Moon!’ And the moon said ‘yes’ And the Lord said ‘hang!’ and the moon say ‘yes’. And the Lord says ‘shine’ and the moon said ‘alright’.

But when it got down to you, (screams.) So it seems to me if we believe Genesis 1:26 that I was made from a mess in the image of my maker, that there is no mess in my life right now that I cannot bring to my maker and expect him to say “I’ll bless it anyway.”



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