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Southern Baptist Convention Hires Nashville Gay Pride Sponsor as New Legal Counsel

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In all the things the Southern Baptist Convention has capitulated to, it always seems like it could never get any worse. Yet, they never cease to surprise me once again.

The Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee (SBCEC), which until recently after a mass exodus of conservative members and leaders, actually seemed to be one of the less progressive branches of the denomination. Yet, in the midst of a sham investigation sparked by former ERLC head, Russell Moore—who has an ax to grind with Southern Baptist conservatives who frankly got sick of his progressivism—the SBCEC was strongarmed into waiving attorney-client privilege causing the previous legal counsel to abandon ship.

Recently, Bradley Law Firm was named as the interim counsel and the Southern Baptist Convention has authorized up to two million dollars of Cooperative Program money (that means, your tithes and offerings) to pay this new legal counsel to defend them against this sham investigation. But this new law firm appears to be diametrically opposed to the moral standards that Southern Baptists are supposed to hold to.

According to a report at MBC Pathway, this new law firm is unashamedly pro-homosexual and just last year, sponsored the Nashville Gay Pride festival.

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Just like the Southern Baptist Convention’s firm, Guidepost Solutions, that the sex abuse task force hired to carry out the investigation, this law firm too is dedicated to leftist socialist and Marxist causes. On the law firm’s “Inclusion & Diversity” page on its website, it states that “Inclusion and diversity are core values at Bradley.” One can only conclude that since “inclusion and diversity” are the firm’s core values, then sound, fair legal counsel is not.

It goes on to outline its support and partnerships with LGBTQ and other minority groups.

But here’s a doozy, according to its website:

Bradley’s LGBTQ+ Resource Group was formed to increase the visibility of and promote the inclusion of the firm’s LGBTQ+ attorneys, to support the professional growth of its members, and to provide an understanding of unique issues facing LGBTQ+ attorneys and the broader LGBTQ+ community. In carrying out its vision, the group works to ensure and promote the firm’s commitment to hiring and retention of well-qualified LGBTQ+ attorneys, to explore avenues for personal and professional development for its members, and to carry forward the firm’s commitment to diversity and community service.

I don’t know about you, but does it sound like these are the kind of attorneys that should be representing a conservative Christian denomination? Does it sound like this law firm has a fair and impartial view toward issues surrounding sexual immorality?

One Executive Committee member tweeted out that this new law firm—that spends an inordinate amount of time advocating for the cause of the sexually immoral—wants Southern Baptists to “act with integrity” and that they “clearly understand” the SBC.

If this is the law firm that “clearly understands the SBC,” then the SBC is in big trouble.


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