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9,000-Member Southern Baptist Church is Co-Pastored by a Woman

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Despite the fact that the Scriptures are clear that women are not to teach, progressive churches continue to rebel against God by handing the pulpit over to women — like Beth Moore — and give God the proverbial middle finger by insisting that God doesn’t really mean what he says.

While most Southern Baptist Churches still hold to the biblical teaching on complementarianism and biblical gender roles, several notable Southern Baptist Churches are now defying and questioning this. And while there has been much debate on the issue including allowing women to teach other women, there is no argument from Scripture — or the Baptist Faith and Message, the standard confession Southern Baptist Churches must adhere to — that women should be teaching men or hold the function or title of pastor.

Not being called to preach does not make women–or others who are not called to do so–less valuable to God or less important to the Church. It does not make women subservient to men or inferior in any way. We are all called to submit ourselves to the Word of God, and the Word of God is abundantly clear on this issue no matter what our feelings or human reasoning tell us. There is simply no way around it. The office and function of the pastorate are reserved for men and God chose this for His good purposes. Disobedience or rejection of this demonstrates a lack of trust in God.

As several Southern Baptist churches have been exposed in the last few years as defying the Scriptures and the official position of the denomination, perhaps none have been quite as blatant as this one. The latest church to be exposed is one of the largest Southern Baptist churches in the nation which boasts nine thousand members.

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According to Thom Rainer, one of the Southern Baptist Convention’s leading researchers and pollsters through LifeWay, a scarcely known church named The Fountain of Praise based in Houston, Texas had nine thousand members as of 2013. Most likely, it’s increased since then. At the time, this made it the 11th largest church in the Southern Baptist Convention. However, at least one blurb on the website states that this church has now grown to over 24 thousand members.

As of the time of this writing, this church is listed on the Southern Baptist Convention’s list of cooperating churches.

This church, according to its website, is pastored by Remus E. Wright. However, it lists his wife, Mia K. Wright as the “co-pastor.” After perusing the website, this appears to be more than just an obscure honorary title; Mrs. Wright not only holds the title of “co-pastor,” but also fully functions in this role. According to her biography on the church website, Mia handles a lot of business at this church and oversees the ministries:

Mia is the Co-Pastor and Executive Director of Ministry at The Fountain of Praise. Alongside her husband, Pastor Remus E. Wright, the couple leads a congregation of more than 20,000 members, making theirs one of the largest churches in the USA. She leads the Volunteers Ministries for The Fountain of Praise.

Here, you can see “Pastor” Mia Wright on Life Today TV defending women in the pulpit.

How much longer will God have mercy on the Southern Baptist Convention? How much longer will God withhold his wrath and judgment? We don’t know, for sure; but we know what the Scriptures say and we know what’s right. And if good men don’t do what’s right, we’re all going to be partakers in her sins.


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