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Beth Moore Scolds Men Who Believe Women Shouldn’t Post Immodest Pictures on Social Media

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First, I want to start by stating that the problem of immodesty is not unique to women–there are plenty of men who do the exact same thing. It is unclear why some give a pass to men while not to women. However, in the context of this latest incident, the men involved would not give a pass to men.

If you follow social media at all, you may be aware of a post that went viral by a man named Brian Sauvé. Brian Sauvé is a pastor with a modest following on Twitter who posted the following tweet urging women–particularly Christian women–not to post pictures of their bodies on social media.

Seems like a reasonable request; though I would think that there should be an element of discernment in here. Not to be legalistic, no Christian could argue that it is acceptable to post these kinds of pics on social media. If one would not walk down the street like this–male or female– then one should probably not parade their bodies like this on social media, either. It’s really not too difficult.

This is particularly true for Christians; your body belongs to your spouse (1 Corinthians 7:4), not the world. Yet, the raging feminist wing of professing Christendom always likes to come in and defend the indefensible. First up, Beth Moore–who rebukes Sauvé for even mentioning these words:

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We must add that this is actually a drastic departure from what Beth Moore said in 2016.

And more, as Fred Butler posted on Twitter, Moore previously lambasted women who paraded their bodies on Twitter.

So what has changed? Certainly not the Scriptures, Christian teaching, or God Himself. The only ones who have changed are the man-hating anti-patriarchal feminists who are trying to take over the Church. Beth Moore became devoted to the anti-male movement several years ago as she ramped up her preaching to men. Southern Baptists have a long-standing doctrine–derived from Scripture–that the role of preaching and pastoring is reserved for men in the Church. This doctrine is known as Complementarianism–that men and women are equally important, but have different God-given gender roles.

Beth Moore didn’t like this, so she began railing against Complementarianism and blaming Complementarianism for sex abuse. She then doubled down so hard that she began to mimic one of the worst pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ feminists in the entire political sphere, Elizabeth Warren, by wearing her t-shirts and chanting her feminist slogan: “Nevertheless, she persisted.”

Beth Moore since left the Southern Baptist Convention and her true, feminist colors have been exposed. What many of us knew about Beth Moore the entire time, some are just figuring out. She hates God, and she hates men, and she’ll do whatever she can to mock, scorn, and belittle them.


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