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Kenneth Copeland Denies Scripture, Affirms Kat Kerr’s Bizarre “Re-Creation” in Six Days Fairy Tale

by | Feb 8, 2022

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Last week, we reported that Kat Kerr, the pink-haired prophetess who believes God told her she needed to have pink hair to stand out among the prophets, made up a bizarre account of the Creation in Genesis 1 that takes the already dangerous “gap theory” to a new level. Kerr essentially stated that there were millions of years with dinosaurs roaming the Earth prior to God creating man. And while the dinosaurs were here, Satan caused them to start sinning (eating each other and fighting, etc.) so God flooded the Earth wiping them out. It was after that that God moved on with his six days of Creation and created Adam and Eve.

Strange, right?

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But apparently, this idea is more widespread and has invaded the charismatic movement deeper than we first knew. A recently uncovered video of Kenneth Copeland, the grandfather of the modern Word of Faith movement, also makes a similar assertion. In this video, Copeland outright denies what the Scriptures say about a literal Creation, asserts that the “fossil record does not lie,” and then says “God did not create this world in six days, he RE-CREATED it in six days.”



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