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False Prophet, Timothy Dixon, Says God Told Him Donald Trump Is On The Way Back to the White House Now

by | Feb 2, 2022

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False prophets, false apostles, false teachers, wolves in sheep’s clothing—that’s what dominates the professing Christian atmosphere, sadly. These false apostles typically surround themselves with false prophecies of Donald Trump.

To this day, not a single “prophecy” from these clowns has actually come to pass, yet, they continue to push this nonsense. These false prophets are trying so hard to get people to believe this deception that they just can’t help themselves.

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If you want to know what’s going on—why this nation is in the shambles that it’s in—it’s because the judgment of God starts in the House of God (1 Peter 4:17). These false prophets masquerading as shepherds of the flock of God blaspheme him daily, and the true shepherds of God are largely silent. Abortion, LGBTQ, socialism, these things are the judgment of God that our nation deserves and these false prophets are bringing it about faster than ever.

Timothy Dixon, an up-and-coming false prophet who is associated with the New Apostolic Reformation, is now declaring that he’s received a prophecy from God that “they are going to get Donald Trump right now” to bring him back to the White House.

Again, not a single one of these prophecies about Trump has come true and these false prophets are being exposed by God for who they are—blasphemers and idolaters.

This starts around the 34:00-minute mark.




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