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Lady Preacher Invites Evangelicals to Consider That The Church Got it Wrong in Acts 15

by | Jan 27, 2022

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Sandra Van Opstal, a rebellious female preacher at Grace and Peace Community Church in West Chicago, has a meltdown during preaching about diversity over a “man in an office somewhere” writing commentaries for women, refugees, and foreigners.

Van Opstal also freaks out over churches “pretending” to be diverse by hiring a Latino person for staff and singing a few Latino songs, but not advocating for illegal aliens who are breaking federal law by being in this country illegally. According to Van Opstal–as with all of the social justice heretics–diversity and social activism are the evidence of the grace of Jesus.

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Van Opstal, in her latest social justice-invoked mangling of the text, preached on Acts 15 and then suggested that the Apostles and church leaders at the Council of Jerusalem didn’t actually get it right. “They changed a rule,” she said, “but they didn’t change the system.”

Van Opstal preached this at the Midwinter Conference hosted by the Evangelical Covenant Church and spoke alongside other prominent Evangelicals, including The Gospel Coalition’s Esau McCaulley.



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