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Prominent Southern Baptist Pastor Affirms Women Pastors While Denouncing “White Supremacists”

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Recently, I tweeted that pastors who embrace any aspect of Critical Race Theory or “wokeness” will eventually have no choice but to ultimately end up affirming homosexuality. At this point, it should be noted that three of the main ungodly ideologies that compete with biblical theology all go hand-in-hand under the umbrella of Critical Theory: racialism, feminism, and the LGBTQ movement.

While many of the mainstream church leaders are currently in different positions on this spectrum, the ultimate goal is the same place and there is no end except full affirmation or full repentance.

There are some denominations that have already fully embraced all three–you can see this in mainline Protestantism, Anglicanism, Episcopal churches, etc. But some denominations, like the Southern Baptist Convention and the Presbyterian (PCA) denominations have only, at this point, partially embraced the movement mostly through embracing racialism (racial reconciliation) and some movement toward feminism (egalitarianism). These two denominations have even, to some extent, embraced the “same-sex-attraction as a virtue” movement through ministries like Living Out and Revoice.

Despite this, the official position of the Southern Baptist Convention is that women cannot be pastors–Southern Baptist pastors and churches must affirm this position in order to remain in good standing. Yet, what we’ve seen are numerous Southern Baptist churches embracing women pastors–either functionally or officially–and rejecting the official biblical position.

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The latest appears to be Thabiti Anyabwile, who, in his endless war against “white supremacy”–a paper tiger the “woke church” rages against constantly in their imaginations–now appears to affirm that women pastors can be “good pastors” who need our support.

This video was first published by Tom Buck on Twitter:

Why does this matter? Not because we believe that Thabiti isn’t a lost cause–he is. Just search our website. In fact, we’ve stopped reporting on him because he’s made it clear that he isn’t about the gospel first; he has made an idol of his skin color. But what this demonstrates is that, like I tweeted the other day, those who embrace Critical Theory ultimately have no other option but to slide into a full affirmation of rebellious ideologies.

It also demonstrates the current state of the Southern Baptist Convention because those who have prominent voices and significant influence who claim to be against this stuff refuse to speak out and do anything about it.


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