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Lecrae, Smoking a Cigar, Rebukes Street Preacher for Preaching the Gospel at Gangsta Rap Concert

by | Jan 14, 2022

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During a hip-hop concert featuring secular rap artist, Wu-tang, Lecrae was seen smoking a cigar and wearing an “Ice Cream” t-shirt, which, according to the street preacher, “was a track in which the group [Wu-tang] objectifies women of various ethnicities by identifying them as ice cream flavors and calling them Bi**hes while boasting about having sexual escapades with them.”

About an hour or so after Lecrae entered the concert, the street preacher says Lecrae came out and rebuked him for preaching the gospel openly to people rather than “building friendships” with them.

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While preaching outside of a secular Hip-Hop Concert (Wu-Tang Clan) I had an interaction with Grammy Award Winning Artist Lecrae, who was an attendee at the show. After he passed the V@XX confirmation checkpoint, I noticed him smoking a cigar as he approached the security screening checkpoint and that is when our initial interaction began. About an hour later he came out and engaged with me in conversation. Here is the footage from our brief dialogue.

Lecrae told me in our encounter that we are to “Love our neighbor” yet he’s wearing a sweatshirt that says “Ice Cream” to a Wu-Tang show headlined by Raekwon…

Here is a clip of the encounter.

We’ve covered Lecrae’s devolution into apostasy in several posts at Reformation Charlotte over the years. Lecrae, who once openly preached the gospel, has now become nothing but a carnal imposter as he’s merged his life with the disgusting secular rap industry and Democrat politics. Please pray for him that he would either repent and return to the Church or be exposed for the fraud that he is. His fate is in God’s hands.



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