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Evangelical Leaders Who Denounced COVID “Conspiracy Theorists” Look Really Stupid Today

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Normal and sane people–as in, those people who were not taken away by media psychosis–have, since the beginning, known that the COVID-19 virus leaked from the lab in Wuhan, either unintentionally or intentionally. Further, many who understood the wickedness of those people placed in charge of us never doubted the idea that the release was intentional.

Either way, we knew where the virus came from and we knew there was a massive effort to cover up that story. What’s sad, though, is how many of our Evangelical leaders played along.

Russell Moore, former head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) repeatedly platformed NIH director, Francis Collins, to downplay the “conspiracy theories” that the virus leaked from the lab in Wuhan and promote the mass vaccination program.

Joe Carter, a pastor at David Platt’s McLean Bible Church and another former leader of the ERLC wrote in a scathing piece against “conspiracy theories” at The Gospel Coalition, that “Eve became the first in a long line, from Gnostics to flat-earthers, to believe powerful forces were withholding secret information.” He then compared conspiracy theorists to those given over to Satan. “Since then, Satan has found no shortage of marks among God’s children,” he wrote.

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“But our current technological age has made it possible for conspiracy theories to spread faster than the novel coronavirus,” he continued. “The online realm, which can promote anti-intellectualism and radical individualism, has become a breeding ground for such bizarre conspiracies.”

And, of course, where would we be without Ed Stetzer, who denounced the possibility of the Wuhan coronavirus lab leak theory as foolishness.

Now, in a scathing piece at Christianity Today, (which has now been silently deleted and the link now redirects to a completely different website altogether but is still available on the Wayback Machine) Stetzer lectured Christians about being “gullible” and “buying into” conspiracy theories about the coronavirus and practically told us that we’re all too stupid to really see what’s going on, so just let the experts — him — tell us what’s really going on.

He writes,

First, we need to speak up and speak out to others— particularly those fooled yet again— and lovingly say, “You need to go to trusted sources.” Your social media news feed is not a trusted source. But you can find them if you are willing to look. That’s why we created coronavirusandthechurch.com, to provide credible information for churches.

As you will see below, however, the website he says he created to combat wild conspiracy theories and provide credible information for the Church is nothing more than a propaganda site set up by those who have now been demonstrably exposed as liars who have conspired to cover up the truth about the coronavirus from the beginning. But first, Ed Stetzer continues, asserting that those who seek the truth about something don’t honor the Lord.

Second, God has not called us to be easily fooled. Gullibility is not a Christian virtue, and we ought not to act like that. Believing and sharing Covid-19 conspiracies does not honor the Lord.

Of course, what Stetzer fails to recognize is that he–along with his “trusted sources” cohorts–are the ones who have been spreading lies, false information, and dishonoring the Lord. It has now become undeniably evident that not only did the coronavirus come from the lab in Wuhan, but these very people that Stetzer–who is looking really stupid right now–promoted as “trusted sources” have known this all along and have not only lied to us, but partook in a mass effort to actively cover up this information while conspiring with the media to shut down the conversation.

In recently uncovered emails, we can see Dr. Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins exchanging ideas on how to shut down the lab-leak conversation because they believe it will hinder “science.” In these emails, several admitted that the leak theory was not only plausible but likely.

They then exchanged ideas on how to detract from this theory and change the narrative.

And then, Francis Collins–who Ed Stetzer insists we treat as a “trusted source”–offers up the suggestion of invoking the mainstream media in their efforts to shut down the conversation.

And then Fauci suggests that it will eventually just go away on its own.

Now that we know that it is no longer a “conspiracy theory” and that these “trusted sources” have been hiding this information from us the entire time, we wonder if Ed Stetzer, Russell Moore, Joe Carter, and all of the other Big Eva types are willing to come clean. It’s doubtful, though it appears that Joe Carter has deleted all of his tweets from his Twitter account.

The reality is that not only have these Evangelical “leaders” demonstrated a severe lack of discernment, but they have damaged the witness of the Church by propagating lies and slandering innocent people all in the name of “honoring God.” It’s time these people step down and resign.


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