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Andy Stanley Tells Congregation “We’re All Probably Racists,” Must Embrace Marxist “Anti-Racism”

by | Jan 5, 2022

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Andy Stanley, the pastor of North Point Church in Atlanta, GA, is well-known for making controversial statements that downplay the gospel, downplay sin, and downplay the Word of God in favor of his social gospel. Stanley, who has fully immersed himself in the “woke church” movement, recently preached a sermon where he told his congregation that it wasn’t enough to just not be racist and that, as Christians, we must embrace the far-left secular movement known as “anti-racism” which is rooted in Marxist Critical Race Theory.

Stanley tells his congregation that it doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, or brown, if you embrace the anti-racism movement, you’re probably going to discover that you’re a racist. This is actually taking the Marxist theory of systemic racism further than allowed by orthodox Marxists–they would only allow whites to be racist. But Stanley is trying to take the principles of Critical Race Theory and apply them universally which, in fact, is even worse.

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No, Andy Stanley, not everyone is a “racist”–if that term even has any meaning anymore. The anti-racism movement sees racism not as a personal act of sin, but as systemic. In other words, just by participating in a society that they have deemed systemically racist, that makes one a racist–and according to Stanley, to be a Christian, we must constantly fight that.




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