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New Orleans SBC Seminary Platforms Woman Who Says We Should Embrace Gays Because They Write Good Gospel Music

by | Jan 3, 2022

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Lisa Fields is the founder of the Jude 3 Project, an organization that says it is dedicated to “current issues and the intellectual struggles of Christians of African descent in the United States and abroad.” Fields is a favorite among leftist groups such as The Gospel Coalition and has been a speaker at Southern Baptist Seminaries, including New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in 2019. In short, Fields is a welcome member of the Evangelical woke camp and because she is useful for pushing their narrative, she is at home with them.

Recently, Lisa Fields said in a podcast on “homophobia” in the Church that churches need to embrace homosexuals because they write gospel music. Yep, seriously, she actually said that. And, despite that, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary decided to once again platform her.

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On New Orleans Seminary’s Facebook page, you can see her as she speaks at the Defend 2022 Conference today. As of right now, the audio has not yet been released, but we will check it out as soon as it is.

Lisa Fields is also known for making horrendous doctrinal claims about the fall of man, comparing it to American slavery. In the video below, Fields likens the history of American slavery to the fall of Adam by saying, “we are born in sin, shapen in iniquity, and we are not divorced from the father of humanity. So we preach a gospel that connects us from the fall of one man, but when we get to America, we’re connected to original sin of Adam but we disconnect ourselves from the original sin of America.”

Obviously, she’s confused, and we can’t really blame her. It’s what the world has taught her — but this line of reasoning is not derived from a right understanding of Scripture. In fact, if doctrines such as the Federal Headship were taught in churches and seminaries, so many people wouldn’t be taken by this tripe. But the real question is: why is NOBTS platforming this woman?



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