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The Gospel Coalition Publishes Christmas Advent Song Featuring Transgender Artwork

by | Dec 29, 2021 | LGBTQ Issues, News, Politics, Social-Issues, The Church, Video | 0 comments

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The Gospel Coalition, which is well-known for abandoning the actual gospel in favor of the social gospel, a heresy known as Rauschenbuschism, recently published their Best Movies of 2021. The list, which is their recommendation for entertainment to families and children, featured a number of R-rated movies for sexually explicit content, children smoking pot, and some pro-abortion talk.

Sound apostate yet? If not, we can add something else to their list of gospel abandonments in favor of the social gospel. It has recently come to light that one of The Gospel Coalition’s Christmas Concert songs featured a piece of “transgender” artwork in the background while the performers sang a social justice song.

The lyrics are pretty social justicey, but the artwork is even worse. Here are the lyrics:

Away from the manger they ran for their lives
The crying boy Jesus, a son they must hide
A dream came to Joseph, they fled in the night
And they ran and they ran and they ran

No stars in the sky but the Spirit of God
Led down into Egypt from Herod to hide
No place for his parents no country or tribe
And they ran and they ran and they ran

Stay near me LORD Jesus when danger is nigh
And keep us from Herods and all of their lies
I love the LORD Jesus, the Refugee King
And we sing and we sing and we sing


Of course, that’s horrible, but just take a look at what is behind them while they sing. The artwork is by Zach Oren, who describes himself as a “cis queer male,” who has done several pro-LGBTQ paintings depicting men in dresses (I will not link to it because there is a lot of disgusting filth on that website), and other various forms of sexual perversion. Yet, The Gospel Coalition sees no problem publishing a “Christmas song” by social justice warriors with this sickness in the background. I would submit to you that The Gospel Coalition has more in common with these folks than they do with the gospel.

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