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Massachusetts Church Creates Hiding Place for Homosexual Illegal Immigrants Pretending to be Refugees

by | Dec 15, 2021

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Everybody with a brain knows that the current administration has literally opened the borders for the free flow of illegal immigrants to flood the nation for the purpose of permanently changing the voter make-up in America and securing power for Democrats for years to come. The vast majority of the millions of people crossing the border are not refugees and are not asylum seekers–they just claim to be so they can receive the benefits our generous nation provides to these people.

These people, for the most part, are liars, deceivers, criminals, and are only coming here to seek their own self-interest–even at the expense of everyone else who actually built and contributes to this nation. For the most part, offering aid to these people is not only unwise, but ungodly, as it perpetuates a state of victimhood that isn’t grounded in truth, but greed.

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The only thing Christians are required to provide these people are the gospel.

Yet, churches are joining in on the leftists’ agenda and harboring these people. One church in Massachusetts has actually created a program to harbor only LGBTQ illegal immigrants. These people, they claim, are fleeing their countries because of their sexuality.

The program is being operated by Hadwen Park Congregational Church in Mass. which claims that it “welcomes LGBTQ people of all faith traditions,” and will “provide housing, food, and connection to legal, medical and mental resources at other local agencies.”

Is this church offering the life-saving hope of the gospel to these people? Nope. All they’re doing is affirming them in their sin. If they think they are offering these people help by pretending that God doesn’t hate their lifestyle, the blood is on their hands. We would do much better if these godless organizations would just stop calling themselves churches and start calling themselves Synagogues of Satan.



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