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The Gospel is for Kyle Rittenhouse, Too

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Much is being made of a recent video clip of Kyle Rittenhouse being interviewed about what he wants in a woman. Kyle’s response was very typical of a young man who is coming of age and his remarks, though crass, were not unusual.

Kyle Rittenhouse is not a born-again believer–at least, based on the evidence we have, I have no reason to believe that he is. The way Kyle described his desires of the physical features of a woman were natural, unguarded, and completely honest. His tongue was not bridled in the description of these features.

However, the #metoo subsect of Evangelicalism–which consists largely of progressive leftists in the Southern Baptist Convention–has been up in arms over Kyle’s remarks. Let’s just be clear; these people already hated Kyle Rittenhouse. They hate him because he represents the individual right to bear arms and self-defense and a rejection of the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement that progressive Evangelicals love. They hate him for the same reason they hated Nick Sandmann; because he’s a convenient pawn to point at to try to discredit conservatism.

A prime example is Karen Swallow Prior:

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Karen Swallow Prior, a feminist professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, is angry that Kyle Rittenhouse dared to speak of the physical features of a woman that he desires. Swallow Prior’s problem with Kyle’s words, however, isn’t that he is “objectifying women.” Her problem is that she believes men should not have the right to be attracted to certain physical features of a woman.

In fact, Karen Swallow Prior would be offended at the reading of Song of Solomon 7–nothing could be a more clear example of Swallow Prior’s definition of “objectifying women” than this chapter of Scripture. Yet, Scripture clearly teaches that being attracted to these certain physical features of a woman is not only normal and natural but good in the eyes of God. Scripture clearly teaches that God affirms the natural physical attraction of a man to a woman.

That being said, while Kyle’s words may have been unguarded in the way he spoke them, his desires are not abnormal. His desires themselves are good, according to Scripture. But Swallow Prior calls them “vile and wicked.”

If Karen Swallow Prior actually cared, instead of condemning Kyle for his desires, she’d concern herself with the state of Kyle’s soul. Again, Kyle is (most likely) not a Christian and what Kyle needs is the gospel. Yet, the Big Evangelical elites are not to concern themselves with the gospel; in their eyes, the gospel is not for him because he represents the opposition to their progressive agenda–and they hate Trump.

Let’s be clear, Karen Swallow Prior, Beth Moore, and all the people who are up in arms over Kyle’s remarks about women couldn’t care less whether or not Kyle Rittenhouse dies and goes to Hell. They only care that he is used as a pawn to advance their progressive feminism. This is the same woman who is fine with homosexuals leading the conversation on biblical sexual ethics in the Church. But, no way can someone who dared to defy the progressive left be allowed to live a normal life, and under no circumstances should they concern themselves with giving him the gospel.

The gospel is for Kyle Rittenhouse, too. The only neck that millstone belongs tied around are those–like Karen Swallow Prior–who refuse to give it to him and instead use him as their political pawn.


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