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The Gospel Coalition Publishes Pro-Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Piece

by | Dec 13, 2021 | News, Opinion, Social Justice, Social-Issues, The Church, World | 0 comments

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The Gospel Coalition has published a lot of trash over the years–and I do mean a lot of trash. The vast majority of its garbage is nothing more than leftist propaganda that advances narratives that support social justice and cultural Marxism. But I believe this is the first time I’ve seen them publish a pro-Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda piece.

The article, titled Ask the Economist: Trade with China, literally argues that a pro-American trade policy with China is bad for America. The article starts out by acknowledging that not only did Trump place trade tariffs on imports from China, but that Biden has left these tariffs in place.

The article states:

So I’m not surprised that you’re wondering if we need to “buy American,” lest Americans descend into poverty. Have the Chinese done something sneaky and underhanded by selling us goods and services at lower prices than domestic producers can manage? Should we retaliate because the Chinese are “cheating” on trade? Did they take our jobs?

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What comes next is what’s most baffling. The author answers his own question and then attempts to argue that tariffs are a form of “discriminating” against “foreign workers.”

No. As a general principle, restricting international trade with tariffs and quotas or discriminating against foreign workers are bad ways to address trade liberalization’s distributional consequences.

How stupid. Is this guy for real? Not only have the vast majority of manufacturing jobs left the United States for China, but America is also now beholden and dependent upon China for nearly everything, from clothing to medicine. It’s mind-blowing that such an asinine piece could be published in a purported “Christian” publication. One can only wonder how much the CCP paid The Gospel Coalition to run this propaganda.

The piece goes on to argue that “Protectionism impoverishes the financially vulnerable in the United States and the financially vulnerable in China,” but what it fails to acknowledge is that Protectionism actually creates wealth in our nation and there are far fewer “financially vulnerable” due to these policies.

America has no moral or legal obligation to prop up China’s inhumane system of slavery known as the Communist Party. In fact, if anything, we have a moral obligation to oppose it and allow it to implode. In the long run, this would liberate the people of China and give them a real advantage in the world’s financial markets by allowing Capitalism and true competition to flourish.

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