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Totally “Not Marxist” Seminary Head Wants to Censor Film Critical of Southern Baptist Convention

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The long-awaited film, Enemies Within the Church, has finally been released. And let me just say, it’s mind-blowing. As one who has covered the social justice Marxist infiltration in the Church for almost ten years, I can say that the quality and accuracy of this film is superb.

The film covers not just the Marxist infiltration of Southern Baptist institutions, but other Evangelical institutions as well. But the film does directly–or indirectly, however you want to look at it–implicate Southern Baptist seminaries as one of the primary conduits by which this Marxist influence has entered the Church.

One of those seminaries–among others–is Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS).

SWBTS is headed by Adam Greenway. Greenway, as we recently reported, lent his institution’s platform to controversial Southern Baptist president, Ed Litton–a serial plagiarist and unrepentant liar–to continue to lie about his actions and behavior while Greenway offered him cover. This type of cover–that the elitists of the Southern Baptist Convention repeatedly give each other either tacitly with silence or actively by defending them–has been dubbed by critics as the “11th Commandment,” or “thou shalt not speak against fellow Southern Baptist leaders.”

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We’ve seen this over and over through the years; the denomination’s top leaders continually refuse to address the issues of other leadership, even if they disagree with them. This has caused frustration far and wide in the rank-and-file membership of Evangelical and Southern Baptist churches. This is why outlets like Reformation Charlotte, Protestia, Capstone Report, etc. exist.

It’s also why the film, Enemies Within the Church, was produced and is so highly popular; because it speaks the truth that our leadership fails to.

But perhaps nothing could be more blatant–a clear and prime example of the Eleventh Commandment–than Adam Greenway’s recent response to one seminary that decided to screen the film on campus to the students.

Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary–while not officially a Southern Baptist Seminary–is closely tied to the remaining conservatives in the denomination. In conjunction with the Conservative Baptist Network, MABTS is showing this film to students.

Adam Greenway, head of Southwestern Seminary, objects.

Why does Adam Greenway, a self-described “not a Marxist,” object to this film? Clearly, because the film exposes the misbehavior of Southern Baptist elites like himself, and others. In fact, he doesn’t even try to hide this. In his letter, he clearly points out that his objection is rooted primarily in the Eleventh Commandment.

“The Seminary prohibits any negative criticism of any Southern Baptist agency, leader, or program by speakers in the classrooms and in the chapel services,” Greenway gripes to MABTS president, Michael Spradlin.


One must ask, why would a non-Marxist want to do something so Marxist as to censor anything critical of themselves. If he has nothing to hide, why not let the film play and let the viewers decide for themselves. Does he not trust the reasoning abilities of the students? Of course, he does; but that’s not the point. The point is that he just simply proved–and said the quiet part out loud–that seminaries exist to indoctrinate students into their own Marxist worldview rather than teach the Scriptures, train pastors and missionaries, and advance the gospel.


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