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KRAFT® Foods Releases Children’s Book on the Importance of Using “Transgender” Pronouns

by | Nov 16, 2021 | News, Social-Issues, World | 0 comments

If it isn’t bad enough that people walk around this planet pretending to be someone of the opposite sex, imagine your children having to think about binding breasts, tucking their genitals while spreading peanut butter on their sandwich for school lunch.

That is just what KRAFT Foods is making children do.

Big corporations targeting children to advance political–particularly, leftist–ideologies is nothing new. But KRAFT Peanut Butter recently tweeted out that, available on November 20, your children will now have access to a confusing new book using the mascots from their peanut butter products to teach them about the “importance” of further confusing children with “transgender” pronouns.

Earlier this year, Kellogs released a cereal box adorned in LGBTQ pride colors, flags, and propaganda. Because everybody knows that men sodomizing each other is what children should be thinking about while eating breakfast.

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