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Kat Kerr Spouts Heresy of Soul Pre-Existence, Says God Gave Us Life Plans Before the Womb

by | Nov 11, 2021 | heresy, News, The Church | 0 comments

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Kat Kerr–the crazy pink-haired “prophetess” who says that she saw visions of Christians being sent to a “mock hell” to be tormented by Satan for wearing jeans and make-up–is back at it again with the crazy, made-up nonsense. This time, she says that God told her before she was implanted in her mother’s womb what her life plans would be.

In a recent interview with Elijah List’s Steve Shultz, she says:

I can just share from my own experiences that I do remember sitting in the hand of the Father and him telling me what my life would be like on the earth or why he was sending me. I didn’t see any of my family members in any of this that he showed me. I saw myself on the earth, doing things for him, and how important it would be that that I was willing, that I would be willing to do these things for him. He did not at any point say “you have to do this” or “I’m commanding you to do this.” (unintelligible) but “this is what I’ve chosen you for.” And I do know, he does tell each one of us before he sends us. I think that memory is taken from us.

She then goes on to say that “yes, he does tell you. He shows you some of what you will be doing, and how important it will be for him,” and that “he does send people for many different reasons. But he has a reason to send everyone. That’s why he gets angry when the babies don’t make it.”

Of course, this flies in the face of the clear biblical teachings that our souls are not eternal, but that God forms us and knits us together in the womb–not before the womb. Human souls begin at conception (Psalm 139:13–16; Isaiah 44:24).

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