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U.S. Navy Names Warship After Child Sex Predator as China Builds Mock-ups of US Warships to Test Missiles On

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You’re probably aware by now that the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) is willfully and purposefully provoking the American citizenry as it continues to terrorize surrounding sovereign nations, test advanced military equipment, and posture itself as the world’s emerging superpower. Whether or not China actually has currently has reliable enough technology and experience to carry out a successful mission against the United States is questionable; nonetheless, this is clearly the facade the regime intends to portray.

If you are unaware, China has been building mock-ups of U.S. Naval warships in its missile testing areas. Clearly, the message being sent by the Communists is that it intends to no longer allow the U.S. to stand as the world’s lone superpower.

The aggressive regime has already been asserting its dominance over its nearest neighbors; taking Hong Kong captive and enforcing its will upon that nation while ramping up claims of ownership over Taiwan.

No matter what one thinks of the CCP, it intends to grow in power and influence worldwide while diminishing the long-standing power of the United States as the world’s peace-keeping power.

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Meanwhile, back at home base, the United States Navy just named a replenishment oiler ship after a child sex predator, Harvey Milk, who has been heralded as an LGBTQ rights leader.

According to ABC News, U.S. Navy Secretary, Carlos Del Toro watched the christening ceremony stating, “The secretary of the Navy needed to be here today, not just to amend the wrongs of the past, but to give inspiration to all of our LGBTQ community leaders who served in the Navy, in uniform today and in the civilian workforce as well too, and to tell them that we’re committed to them in the future.”

Who is Harvey Milk, though?

Milk, who is lauded as a “gay rights” leader served in the U.S. Navy then served in the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1978 when he was assassinated. Milk had a sexual appetite for boys as young as 15, according to an interview with Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel Action. It is now common knowledge that Milk had underage sex partners; The Family Research Council’s Peter Sprigg noted that “Milk is famous only for winning one election, being murdered — and having sex with men.”

WND also noted that Milk went through a parade of underage boys throughout his adult life, starting with an underage boy who began performing sex acts on men for money starting at age 9, followed by another 17-year-old, and then, his famous “runaway” lover, Jack, whom he physically abused, tied up, and threw into a closet at 16 years old.

Milk was also an illicit drug user.

Such is the nature of the sexually deviant–this is where our nation stands. While Christians and conservatives are being canceled day-in and day-out for taking a stand for objective morality, the debased left is celebrating a sex predator and illicit drug user and propping that up as the face of our military power.

We should be so proud of our country!


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