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New Apple iPhone Update Adds Digital Vaccine Passports to Apple Wallet Payment System

by | Oct 29, 2021 | News, Politics, Religion, US, World | 0 comments

If you think the world is coming to an end, you might be right. Of course, we don’t know the exact date or time, but we know that we are facing an existential threat through various forms of coercion by our government officials who are controlled by corporate America.

The actual, real Fascism that has been instituted by the band of large corporations who control the entire Democrat party and a large portion of the Republican party is, at best, horrifying. The large corporations own the human race and at the whim of some corporate elitist, your entire life can be stripped from you.

So long to letting freedom ring and the right to pursue your own happiness–an inalienable right the human has been afforded by natural law and protected by the Constitution of the United States. You now have to abide by national corporate law…or die.

Among the leaders of this corporate fascist regime is Apple. Apple has coopted the current regime to enforce its vaccine mandate. That’s right, the U.S. federal government is nothing more than the law enforcement agency of Corporate fascists–the government works for Corporate America. This is why large corporations don’t fight back on rising corporate taxes–in exchange, the government enforces the enslavement of the human race to them.

Do you really think it is the government that cares whether or not one is vaccinated? Do you think Joe Biden or the current regime cares? No. In fact, just a few months ago, the Biden regime was vocally rejecting the notion of vaccine mandates.

Now, with a seeming change of heart, the Biden regime is not only championing them but enforcing them. Why? Because corporate elites told them to. Mass compliance is the outcome of corporate America because the dollars they receive in return far outweigh the higher taxes they pay for the right to control the government.

So Apple is now updating its iPhone to include the ability to verify vaccine status in its built-in payment system. The payment system, Apple Wallet, can now determine whether or not one can buy or sell based on vaccine status.

You don’t think this is the mark of the beast? It might not be, but it is dang sure a runner-up for it.

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