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Florida Elementary School Takes Little Children on Field Trip to Gay Bar

by | Oct 29, 2021 | Education, News, Social-Issues, US | 0 comments

As the federal government is cracking down on parents who oppose the left’s radical agenda to indoctrinate children into an aberrant sexual lifestyle, schools and educators are ramping up their actions and taking advantage of the free rein they have been afforded over children.

Wilton Manors Elementary School in Broward County, where Ft. Lauderdale is located, recently took a group of young children on a field trip to a n̶a̶t̶u̶r̶e̶ ̶m̶u̶s̶e̶u̶m̶, a j̶o̶b̶ ̶f̶a̶i̶r̶, a gay bar. That’s right, these sick and twisted perverts who want to live out their own sexual fantasies through the young children they have been tasked with taking care of are taking these children to expose them to something no one–let alone children–should ever be exposed to.

Sarah Leonardi, a school board member, posted these pictures on Twitter after she chaperoned these children on this trip. But a question worth asking is this: where the Hell were the parents? What parent in their right mind would send their children off with their teachers to visit a gay bar? Were they even notified? That’s a good question.

I’m sure many parents were “fine” with this. Some people’s consciences are so deadened that they couldn’t recognize depravity if it ate their faces off alive while their heads were trapped in mesh cages. That’s just the world we live in, unfortunately.

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