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Ligon Duncan Absurdly Suggests God is Using Illegal Immigration to Reverse Secularization in America

by | Oct 21, 2021

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In almost circus-like fashion, Ligon Duncan, president of Reformed Theological Seminary and Big Eva’s (Big Evangelicalism) Soros and Billionaire elite-funded mouthpiece, suggests that God is using mass illegal immigration to reverse secularization in America.

In a recent clip uncovered by WPC, Duncan argues that Christian Americans are concerned with the increasing secularization in America–which is true, we are. He then goes on to argue that due to the mass immigration in America, there will be more Hispanics than White people within the next 10 to 15 years and then within 20 years beyond that, the largest ethnic group in the United States will be Asians.

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He then makes the absurd claim that these Hispanics, who are overwhelmingly Roman Catholic, and Asians, who are overwhelmingly Buddhist, Hindu, or Islamic–with true, biblical Christianity being an extreme minority–are God’s plan to reverse the secularization in this country.

Of course, it’s completely absurd on its face to even ponder such an asinine notion. But to even suggest that rational people entertain this theory for a moment speaks volumes about either Duncan’s motives or his mental state–neither of which could possibly be good. This is nothing more than a way for Duncan to try to placate Christians into believing that mass immigration and the destruction of Western civilization and culture in America is a good thing rather than the wickedness that it actually is. We don’t fight secularization by importing more adherents to false religions, we fight it with the gospel.

This is plain stupid and should not even be given a second look, but sadly, more and more people are buying into this silliness. Here’s a better question: what if leftist elites are using Ligon Duncan to slowly kill the brain cells of logical thinking people? After all, he is the one who also said that Black people have a good reason to mistrust him because of his White skin.

If you’re a Protestant who knows anything about history, you would likely prefer to live in a secular society over a Roman Catholic society, an Islamic society, or a society controlled by Eastern mystic religions.


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