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Op-Ed: Fact-Checking the Favored Politicians of Big Eva Social Justice Warriors

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Abortion, Feminism, Immigration, LGBTQ Issues, Opinion, Politics, Racialism, Social Justice, Social-Issues, The Church | 0 comments

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As I watched events unfold in Afghanistan during August as well as along our southern border and saw the toll on human lives, my mind wandered back to the voting advice given by some church leaders, specifically the elite evangelical (so-called) “leaders”–known as “Big Eva” (Big Evangelicalism)–during the 2020 presidential election. They admonished Christians to consider all the issues candidates were running on and not to dismiss pro-abortion candidates. They pointed out that these candidates “simply cared about those alive outside the womb”, not just the “preborn.” Their policies were aimed at “helping the poor,” especially “women, children, and minorities.” Big Eva basically gave their “blessing” to Christians voting for pro-abortion candidates. Sadly, many Christians embraced this rationale.

It sounded so good in the abstract, caring for the living, but what has been the reality? Have these pro-abortion politicians that Big Eva promoted lived up to their promises? It’s a question we should be asking since the elites assured us these candidates were worthy of the Christian vote. With new elections coming in the very near future, should we take their advice again? What would happen if we performed a fact check on these now elected officials’ actions? How many, if any, Pinocchios would they receive? Based on that fact check, how then would we grade the voting advice given by Big Eva?

We only need to look briefly at two aforementioned crises to answer those questions: the southern border, and Afghanistan. There are many other crises occurring right now but these two hit very close to home for most of us. These crises involve the very people Big Eva claimed pro-abortion politicians cared about the most. Since Biden was the presidential candidate that Big Eva seemingly favored, I will focus on him. After all, Biden is the face of the Democrat party, and his administration determines and implements the policies and actions related to these crises.

To put the fact check in context, let’s go back to the 2020 presidential election and the guidance given by Big Eva. David Platt’s booklet, Before You Vote: 7 Questions Every Christian Should Ask, sums up Big Eva’s position quite well. In it, he states that we should consider all issues when casting our vote, not just the abortion issue.

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“Christians should work to save children in the womb. This is the Christian position. And I should add that the Christian position is also to care for children out of the womb as well as their mothers in at-risk situations,”

David Platt further states in his voting guide:

Yes, abortion is abhorrent. That’s clear in the Bible (which we’ll see in a moment). But is that the only issue at stake in an election?”

In other words, he told Christians that they should not be a single-issue voter. There are other important issues to consider besides the killing of babies – I mean abortion. One wonders if they would have given that advice during the 1860 presidential election when Lincoln was running on an anti-slavery platform, the first presidential candidate to do so.

In their approach, Big Eva basically took up the talking points from pro-abortion advocates such as Charlotte Malone. She expressed their position clearly in her op-ed “Republicans are pro-birth, not ‘pro-life” published in the Salt Lake Tribune on July 6, 2019:

Democrats, on the other hand, continue to fight to ensure that families have enough food to eat, a safe place to live, and adequate health care. They work to support women in their choices so that they become loving, capable, supportive mothers when they are ready to have families. They work to protect not just American-born families, but immigrants who are escaping impossible conditions simply for the chance to live. i

(Wow, she actually spun killing babies into an act of kindness! Margaret Sanger would be proud.)

In case you missed it, she believes that pro-abortion politicians and their supporters are the “true” pro-lifers. People that are against abortion are “merely” pro-birth. Big Eva followed her example, labeling anti-abortion Christians as divisive since they spoke out against voting for pro-abortion politicians. Never mind that anti-abortion Christians do indeed care for the born and preborn.

Southern Border Crisis

Since Charlotte Malone mentions immigrants, let’s begin by fact-checking the crisis on our southern border. The Biden administration is for open borders. Like Ms. Malone, his administration desires unchecked immigration to help these poor people find a better life. They rail against Americans wanting an orderly immigration process to vet people immigrating to our country. They shout them down as racist. Of course, if all else fails just claim your opponents are racist, right? I would contend the opposite is true.

An open border policy without effective screening hurts the people fleeing other countries because it makes it easy for criminals and terrorists to prey on them, as well as allowing the criminals to enter our country. And which neighborhoods will these thugs continue to target? Why, the immigrant communities of course! This is not only bad for Americans, but it is really bad for the immigrants. The immigrants fleeing other countries have suffered at the hands of criminals during their flight, as well as from the oppressive government they are attempting to leave. I am a first-generation American on my father’s side. The banditos attacked my maternal grandparents’ farm in their home country, killing a few of my great aunts and uncles. They fled to America to escape those criminals. Thankfully, they escaped before we had politicians like Joe Biden who favor granting asylum to criminals.

Remember what Charlotte Malone said about the pro-abortion candidates.

“They work to protect not just American-born families, but immigrants who are escaping impossible conditions simply for the chance to live.”

If you have been following what is going on at the border, you will see that not only are criminals allowed in but some of these politicians are actually defending their rights to stay in the U.S.! How exactly does letting criminals in to continue to pursue their victims help these people “escaping impossible conditions simply for the chance to live”? It doesn’t.

Still, the open borders crowd would argue that their policy works because it provides jobs for the immigrants (admittedly low-paying jobs). They contend further that the immigrants perform a vital service because they are willing to take the low-paying jobs “that Americans won’t do.” So they want them in this country for cheap labor? That is how they care for these people? It reminds me a little of the slave owners who found ways to keep importing slaves for their cheap labor after the Abolition Act of 1807 – after all, slaves would work for less than employees would, doing work “Americans wouldn’t

do.” Never mind that American workers will lose their jobs because businesses can make more money off cheap immigrant labor (see the slave-owners’ argument above). No wonder big businesses, such as the Koch brothers, and the “elites” they pay for, support Joe Biden and other politicians who advocate for open borders.

When you look at this policy in the cold light of day, open borders basically allow various entities, good and bad, to exploit these poor immigrants. Now if immigrants were only exploited for cheap labor that might be somewhat forgivable. However, they are being exploited by criminal entities, such as drug cartels, sex traffickers, slave traders and God alone knows what else. A recent Breitbart article entitled “Mexican Cartel Smugglers Use Facebook Ads to Attract Pregnant Migrants” states:

Cartel-connected human smugglers in Mexico and Central America continue to leverage Facebook to recruit migrant customers. The Gulf Cartel currently profits more from smuggling people than drugs.ii

It should be noted that the Biden administration directive regarding “not detaining pregnant women” only applies to women already inside the country. However, the pregnant women desiring to enter the U.S. don’t know that. The cartel intentionally misrepresents the directive to take advantage of these women’s ignorance. Why would they want these pregnant women? I don’t know and I really don’t think I want to know the answer to that question.

Note as well that the cartels are recruiting these women openly on social media. Considering how quickly the open borders politicians have been to coerce social media entities to remove any posts they deem as “disinformation,” we would expect them to direct Facebook do the same with the cartel. Yet we see very little done by these politicians to intervene and prevent the cartel from spreading real disinformation which lures unsuspecting women to the border.

There is one other area that reveals their “care” for the poor minorities at the border and that is their lack of treating them for COVID (or for any other contagious disease they might have, for that matter). Unless you listen to no news, watch no TV and get no communications from your doctors or elected officials, you know that the Biden administration adamantly proclaims we all need to be vaccinated. There is also a push for not only proof of vaccine, but for vaccine passports for all Americans to move around within our own borders as well as outside of them. Furthermore, they claim COVID, and its mutations are so dangerous that we need to wear masks regardless of whether we have been vaccinated or not. Yet they openly admit that they have no intention of requiring vaccinations (or even testing for the virus) for the immigrants at the border. If COVID and its mutations are so deadly, why are they leaving these people unprotected? Either they simply do not care about these people, or the virus is not that deadly. The latter might be debatable, so we’ll stick with the former: they really don’t care about immigrant health.

Pinocchios for the southern border crisis: 3 for neglecting to care for immigrants that include women and children, the two groups they specifically claim to care about. They receive an additional 2 because these people are minorities and poor, earning them a total of five Pinocchios for this crisis.

Afghanistan Crisis

Then we have Afghanistan. My heart broke as the Taliban gained control of Afghanistan. It was while reading the news about Afghanistan that I remembered the elitist’s guide on voting. I have seen several

headlines expressing concern for the fate of women and children in the country now that the Taliban controls it. I wonder “Where is the Biden administration, and the other politicians that supposedly care for these women and children more than those ‘hated’ pro-life people?” And where is Big Eva? Are they holding their politicians accountable? Is there no outcry for breaking their promises? Or are they to busying tweeting about the crises and whatever else it is they tweet about? Maybe they are just too busy celebrating their politicians’ actions to notice the awful human cost. Or maybe they have just “moved on”, after all an old crisis won’t get you any votes or dollars, never mind the carnage you have left behind.

Several years ago, my husband and I taught ESOL to Afghan refugees and I remember their stories of Taliban brutality. I remember one young man needed to write a sentence in his homework using his spelling word “disappear.” After I explained the meaning, he wrote “many young boys disappeared from my village.” In other words, one day his friends were there and the next day, they disappeared. The Taliban “recruited” them. Many families also lost their fathers and husbands. In many cases, the Taliban just arrived at their homes or business, shot the husband, and took their possessions. That is a tragedy for any family anywhere, but these women cannot even leave their homes without a male escort over the age of 12, let alone work outside of the home. Many of these women without a husband had to choose between starvation and risking their lives to provide food for their families. If they, or any of their children had a disability, it was much worse because people with disabilities have little, if any, value in their society. There are no schools even for the blind and deaf, any more than there are schools for the girls.

The sudden withdrawal of our troops has truly left the women and children in the lurch. The Taliban has not changed and everything the Afghan people, especially women and children, suffered before at the hands of the Taliban can, and will, happen again. We are already hearing reports of violence against women and children. How has the Biden administration responded? Shortly after the crisis began, Biden basically said that he wasn’t responsible for what happened to the Afghan women. Not surprising considering his party’s transgender policies have basically obliterated women’s rights in American public schools and sports in one fell swoop. Yet the Big Eva elites repeatedly told us Biden deserved our vote because his administration would protect women and children. Sounds more like he would only protect their burial rites.

The sudden withdrawal of US forces also created a crisis for the thousands of Americans still in Afghanistan as well as Afghans who worked with us. They have been left without an escape plan and left to the mercy of an enemy that hates Americans. To date, the Biden administration has not come up with a real strategy for getting Americans out. They don’t even know how many Americans are still in-country.

Pinocchios for Afghanistan crisis: 2 Pinocchios for leaving the women and children to the likes of the Taliban. They earn a third Pinocchio because the women and children were minorities as well and a fourth because again the people left behind were basically poor. Oh, but one elitist “blessing” for protecting their “right to die”! Total Pinocchios for Afghanistan – 4.

Abandoning Christians and Americans should earn them a Pinocchio. Tragically, however, I’m not sure that Americans, especially Christians, were included in their policy. In fact, pro-abortion candidates have very little use for Christians (except for when election time rolls around). And yet Big Eva was fine with advising Christians to vote for them. How do they rationalize that? Hopefully, some of the Christians

who took Big Eva’s voting guidance are paying attention. While this should be an eye-opener for Big Eva, (after all they claim to be Christians as well, but I don’t think I will be holding my breath), more to the point is that this should be a stark eye-opener for those who followed their advice.

Biden Administration Culpable

Now some would contend that it’s unfair to pick on Biden or pro-abortion candidates. Most politicians make promises they don’t keep. While that may be true, I looked at Joe Biden, because Big Eva strongly insinuated that Christians could vote in good conscience for him as well as for other pro-abortion candidates. They touted them as the politicians whose policies would benefit the living. If their policies at the border and in Afghanistan are an example of how they care for those outside the womb, I think I will pass.

As I mentioned in the beginning, these two humanitarian crises happening right now did not occur by accident but as a direct result of policies made by the pro-abortion Biden administration. How are they not responsible? The open border policy, which created the crisis, was brought to us courtesy of the pro-abortion politicians with the blessing from Big Eva. The Biden administration continues to ignore the cartel and other criminal entities which prey especially on women and children. The crisis in Afghanistan was brought on by the Biden administration when he withdrew the military first. There is no precedent for pulling troops out before evacuating civilians. Firsthand reports indicate that neither his administration nor his party is actively helping those in harm’s way in Afghanistan. In fact, there are some reports of the State Department actually blocking private citizens from helping Americans escape!

As I finish writing this, it has been reported that the Biden deputies have lost thousands of migrant youths at our southern border.iii In Afghanistan, Americans are still trapped with no plan from the Biden administration to extricate them from there. Thankfully private organizations, like Samaritan’s Purse and Biblical Ministries Worldwide, are working to get people out. Both organizations are against abortion and yet here they are helping the very people the Biden administration claims to care about but in fact, have abandoned.

Grading Big Eva

How would we grade Big Eva on their advice? They certainly misled Christians about pro-abortion candidates caring for the lives of those outside of the womb. Biden, in particular, has not even come close to keeping his promises to the vulnerable. But really that should surprise no one because they have not really done that in the past and Big Eva knew that or should have known that.

I have touched only briefly on abortion but since Big Eva used it in their rationale for voting for Joe Biden, it’s important to expose the flaws in their arguments. Big Eva basically adopted the Liberal playbook on abortion. Like the pro-abortionists, they downplayed the murder of babies by merely calling it “abhorrent.” Abhorrent? God calls it sin. “Thou shalt not kill.”

In Exodus 21:22-23, God lays out the punishment for someone who even accidentally causes harm to an unborn child.

If men fight, and hurt a woman with child, so that [she gives birth prematurely, yet no harm follows, he shall surely be punished accordingly as the woman’s husband imposes on him; and he shall pay as the judges determine. But if any harm follows, then you shall give life for life…

“A life for a life” – the exact same punishment God demands for premeditated murder in Numbers 35:20-21.

If he pushes him out of hatred or, while lying in wait, hurls something at him so that he dies, the one struck him shall surely be put to death.

God does not accept sleazy rationales like sacrificing the lives of the unborn for living. (Note as a matter of fact that the Exodus passage plainly considers the unborn baby as alive – there is no such “escape term” as “preborn” or “unborn” here.) He has judged other nations for the killing of innocent babies, including Israel. In 2 Kings 21:16, God brought judgment on King Manasseh and Judah “for the shedding of innocent blood and filling one end of Jerusalem to another with it.”

Anyone who tells us differently is not declaring Biblical truth and leading us down a slippery slope. It always starts with one group’s lives mattering more than another’s, but it never ends there.

We only need to look at Biden’s efforts to expand abortion. Big Eva claimed that Biden’s policies would actually limit the number of abortions. But shortly after taking office, Biden sought to spread the practice of abortions to recipients of U.S. foreign aid!

President Joe Biden on Thursday rescinded a regulation that barred U.S. foreign aid from being used to perform or promote abortions. His decision, while expected, was cheered by abortion-choice advocates and some humanitarian groups and denounced by anti-abortion groups. iv

What kind of countries receive foreign aid? Third-world countries whose populations consist of poor minorities! He is helping the poor minorities by killing off their offspring. Again, Margaret Sanger would be proud.

However, Big Eva went along with the liberals’ abortion stance in a more insidious way. Abortionists frame the argument as either you care for the mother or the baby: abortion puts the mother’s needs first; anti-abortion puts the baby’s needs first. That is a false dichotomy and an unscriptural perspective. It is not an either-or decision. Both lives matter to God. They are both fearfully and wonderfully made by God in His image. Big Eva, like the liberals, has bought into the lie that killing a baby could be the best way for a poor mother to deal with an “unwanted” pregnancy. In deciding whether a baby should live or die based on their finite human wisdom, they put themselves in the place of God. They actually are judging God, saying He is wrong to have a created a life. That is dangerous territory, especially for a Christian. And notice, the only reason for ending that little one’s life is it was “unwanted.” It is not a question of “if” but “when,” that this same logic will be expanded to justify ending lives of other groups who are “unwanted.”

Further, they neglect to warn these women of the potential personal consequences of killing their babies. Pro-abortionists never mention the fallout for the mother post-abortion. These mothers suffer emotionally and psychologically, knowing that they killed their baby. Mothers often regret having an abortion, thinking about that baby throughout their lifetime. Many never recover from the trauma. It reminds me of Joseph’s brothers who felt guilty for years about selling him into slavery to some slave traders, intending that to be their signatures on his death warrant. Taking an innocent life does that to a person. How can the Big Eva not know this, since they proclaim to have “Expert knowledge” of scripture?

What grade does Big Eva earn for their voter advice? Let’s work through this.

  1. They were wrong about Biden caring for the living, especially the poor and needy, clearly evident with the Afghanistan and border crises.
  2. They copied the Liberal’s playbook for dealing with abortion, omitting what God had to say on killing babies and that He is sovereign over life and death.
  3. They omitted Biden’s stance on transgenderism, an agenda denying the biblical truth that God created only two genders. An agenda, his administration has pursued aggressively via the Department of Education.

For their misdirection on how to vote, Big Eva earns zero credit for their “sage” advice.

They could rectify their mistakes by:

  1. Owning up publicly for their egregious advice. A little repentance, regret, remorse, and reversal of their ways would be nice.
  2. Acknowledging their faulty application of scripture to the issue of abortion.
  3. Holding the Biden administration accountable for their broken promises.
  4. Admitting their mistake for even suggesting that Christians could vote for Biden with a clear conscience.

Will they hold Biden and his administration accountable? I doubt they will. Will they acknowledge the errors in their advice? Not likely. They seem incapable of apologizing for mistakes and/or shortcomings. (Reminds me of an old joke “I’m not conceited, I’m perfect. Conceit is a fault and I have no faults.”) However, when the next election rolls around, Christians need to remember the bad advice Big Eva gave, and unrepentant stance they maintain, regarding Biden et al. Big Eva’s favored pro-abortion candidates in no way lived up to their promises to care for anyone, creating immeasurable harm to not just Americans, but to people all over the world.

I fear Big Eva would rather go along with the trending politics of the day than to speak the whole counsel of God. The praise of man appears to matter more to them than praise from God. Remember the Apostle Paul?

For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ. Galatians 1:10

Unlike Paul, they choose to be servants of man, looking to man (specifically the big-money people) for guidance on issues facing Americans (and important to Christians) today rather than to God. Their stance seems calculated to please the crowd. They dance around the issues in an effort to appease anyone who might be offended. I am reminded of a quote by Winston Churchill.

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last.

All that does is to make the appeaser the crocodile’s dessert.

What Mordecai told Esther in the Book of Esther still holds true today.

For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Esther 4:14

As Christians, Big Eva elitist-preachers will not be spared if they don’t speak up for biblical truth. Like the illustration above of the appeaser who feeds the crocodile, they will just turn into dessert for the crocodile-politicians.

by Nina Daily

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