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Ron DeSantis Fines Florida County 3.5 Million For Attempting to Skirt His Ban on Vaccine Mandates

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Corruption, Health, News, Opinion, Politics, Social-Issues, US | 0 comments

Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, by far the most resolute governor in the country, issued a statewide ban against vaccine mandates ensuring that people who object to the idea of experimental substances forcibly injected into their bodies would not face retaliatory action from their employers, businesses, schools, or other institutions.

Despite the ban, Leon County, which is home to the city of Tallahassee in the Panhandle, attempted to thwart the ban and mandate the vaccines anyway.

According to Fox News, Leon county is still attempting to thwart the ban by refusing to pay the fine.

Leon County, which includes the capital of Tallahassee, balked at the $3.5 million fine, claiming its vaccination requirement and subsequent firing of 14 employees were legal and accused Gov. Ron DeSantis of being political.

Leon County Administrator, Vincent Long, attempted to explain his reasoning for thwarting the ban, stating that “The governor’s position in this instance, unfortunately, appears to be less of a public health strategy and more about political strategy,” according to Fox News.

Of course, we know what the vaccine mandates are really about. With study after study coming out disproving the national narrative on vaccines, it’s safe to conclude that the mandates have absolutely nothing to do with health or safety and everything to do with submission to tyranny.

DeSantis explained, “We must protect the jobs of Floridians and preserve the ability of Floridians to make their own decisions regarding what shots to take.”

As long as more people continue to resist this evil, we can win.

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