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Man Loses Job Because Environmental Idiots Lay in Street Blocking Traffic

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Economy`, Politics, Social-Issues, World | 0 comments

Environmental activists in Britain have the public upset after a protest involving these left-wing idiots cost people their livelihoods. During the protest, a group of circus clowns systematically laid in the streets as angry drivers took matters into their own hands dragging them one by one out of the street.

The protestors, however, managed to cost at least one man his job after repeatedly re-entering the streets as the citizens removed them.

Where are the police? Where is the government? Presumably, they’re too busy arresting people for not wearing masks or leaving their homes unvaccinated.

This kind of behavior is not only illegal but detrimental to a functioning society. While the courageous citizens were somewhat effective at removing these fools and allowing some traffic through, the negative impact it had on many people’s lives should anger that nation.

Sadly, this is what happens when you neuter your population and strip their rights away. This is nothing more than mass chaos.

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