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Unrepentant Liars are Leading the Southern Baptist Convention to Destruction

by | Oct 12, 2021

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The Lord, through the prophet Malachi, warned the priests of Israel that their continued disobedience and disregard for Him and His truth would bring swift destruction upon their heads. God will not be mocked. God was so infuriated by the false shepherding committed by these priests that he threatened to smear animal feces on their faces and curse their offspring for generations to come.

Behold, I will rebuke your offspring, and spread dung on your faces, the dung of your offerings, and you shall be taken away with it. –Malachi 2:3

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Nothing could be more clear than this depiction of God’s disgust with the supposed shepherds of His people being led astray by self-seeking spiritual leaders. Yet, today, we have a perfect parallel of this passage taking place right before our eyes in the Southern Baptist Convention and God’s wrath is being poured out among it.

The Southern Baptist Convention, clearly, is one of the primary objects of God’s wrath as far as the visible Church is concerned. The denomination is in the middle of a far-left takeover and it’s happening at the hands of the silent leadership who are not only allowing it but enabling it. We have a president–who has clearly been exposed as an unrepentant liar, plagiarist, and woke leftist–who is now leading a leftist charge in the denomination to oust the remaining conservatives disguised as a “sex abuse investigation.”

Litton–who has repeatedly doubled down on his lies that he has “done nothing wrong” in his plagiarism scandal where he repeatedly lifted entire sermons from his predecessor, JD Greear, down to the illustrations, personal experiences, and even the jokes–is now being heralded as a hero by other leaders in the denomination.

Last month, Litton was invited by Adam Greenway to preach the chapel sermon at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. As part of that chapel service, Litton was asked to explain his plagiarism. Once again, Litton lied and made excuses. Adam Greenway, the seminary president, simply praised him for his lies and allowed him to knowingly say things that are untrue.

Today, Danny Akin will be following in Greenway’s footsteps. Akin, who is the president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary–right here in North Carolina–will be platforming this same unrepentant plagiarist and liar to preach to the students of a (prestigious?) academic institution–an institution that (would?) should expel any student caught doing what Litton has done.

Yet, Danny Akin does not care. Instead, Danny Akin praises him, calling him a “brother” and “friend,” and completely overlooks his sin because he–just like Akin–has the agenda of ousting conservatives from the denomination and steering it further to the left.

Akins’s purpose for inviting Litton to preach is exactly the same purpose he had for inviting notorious far-left feminist, Karen Swallow Prior to teach at his school. Prior, like Litton and Akin, and like Adam Greenway and the vast majority of all other leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention, have one goal: to steer the denomination leftward. This is why Prior can make false accusations against conservatives and get away with it. Yesterday, Prior accused one conservative leader, Rod Martin–who is on the Executive Committee board which is currently under the sham investigation–of harassing women on social media.


Of course, the accusation is patently absurd and completely false. As I once heard succinctly put, what Karen Swallow Prior says should be given roughly the same amount of deference as graffiti on a public bathroom wall. But it isn’t–and this kind of libel gets around because they know they can get away with it. It’s the same kind of libel that Russell Moore printed in his “leaked letter” to the Southern Baptist Convention accusing the Executive Committee of covering up abuse.

This sick and twisted perversion of leadership that God designed to bring people to Him is ultimately going to land the pure and unadulterated wrath of God on their heads. God will only allow this mockery to continue for so long–and whatever purpose he has in allowing it to continue for as long as it has should only be construed as mercy giving these people time to reflect and repent.

Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap. –Galatians 6:7


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