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“Christian” Rap Artists’, Lecrae, Andy Mineo, New Hit Single is Sexually Degrading to Women

by | Oct 11, 2021 | News, Opinion, Social Justice, Social-Issues, The Church | 0 comments

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While the Southern Baptist Convention is caught in the middle of a scam investigation perpetrated by hypocritical leftists–Russell Moore primary among them–who have alleged that certain members of Southern Baptist entities have participated in a mass cover-up of sexual abuse against women, these same circus clowns regularly ignore that real and actual abusive language and activity perpetrated by those in their own camp.

Russell Moore, who is primarily only concerned with sex abuse if it is allegedly committed by conservatives, has repeatedly overlooked the sexually degrading language toward women that occurs in Lecrae’s music. Same with Beth Moore, who also doesn’t mind that that Lecrae’s proclivity toward publishing images of scantily-clad women to promote his “Christian” rap.

Lecrae poses with scantily-clad woman.

Russell Moore, who congratulated Lecrae when he teamed up with Beyonce, may not have noticed that Beyonce is not only the epitome of sexual degradation–she dresses like a prostitute and creates hyper-sexualized music–but most likely he just doesn’t care. After all, they all have the same leftist agenda, so that’s okay.

On the other hand, Beth Moore has been abundantly clear that politics don’t matter and that she simply cannot support any man in office who bragged about groping women regardless of their politics. Yet, Beth Moore is fine with Lecrae–who pretends like he’s an advocate for women–yet degrades them in his lyrics and music productions regularly.

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Right, because, as we’ve seen, Lecrae is all about protecting women.

In Lecrae’s latest hit song with Andy Mineo–another so-called “Christian” rapper–the two join together to promote the sexualization of women. In the song, Been About It, the two treat women as though they are their personal trophies to be put on display at parties–most likely with a lot of drinking, weed-smoking, and extra-marital sex taking place at these parties.

And what’s worse, they throw in the name of the Lord to try to baptize these lyrics:

Been about it, glory to the Father, I don’t do the drama
I went vegan for the weekend, now I’m back to beef and broccoli
Sippin’ sake practice my Wabi-Sabi, I don’t need a thottie
My girl got that body-ody, when we walk inside the party, they like

Of course, we know this all just to reach the lost for the Lord, though.

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