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Ed Litton’s Church Members Allegedly Threaten Bloggers Who Exposed His Serial Plagiarism

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Reformation Charlotte, Capstone Report, Protestia, Founders, and several other blogs along with various outspoken godly Christians on social media including Tom Buck, Gabe Hughes, and James White, and many others, have been repeatedly sounding the alarm on the newly-elected Southern Baptist president’s qualifications as both an elder and a leader of the denomination in the midst of his serial plagiarism scandal.

Allegedly, during a conference call with other denominational leaders, Ed Litton stated that he had members in his church making threats against these people for exposing him and “saying negative things” about “their pastor.”

First off, I’d like to say “bring it.” My life isn’t worth compromising the truth. Don’t say it unless you actually intend to follow through with it. Secondly, I doubt any real rednecks actually attend Ed Litton’s church. True rednecks aren’t down with “woke” culture.

Finally, this is demonstrative of exactly the kind of dishonest, self-centered culture Ed Litton is bringing to the denomination. He has church members who act this way because he is the same way.

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The remainder of this article is from Capstone Report:

Ed Litton tells SBC leaders that ‘Rednecks’ in his church wanted to ‘go take care of a few people’ responsible for negative stories about their pastor. Litton told the SBC leaders, that he ‘didn’t think that was a good idea.’

In an off-the-cuff remark during an August 26 conference call with top Southern Baptist Convention leaders across the country, SBC President Ed Litton said that certain “rednecks” who attend Litton’s Redemption Church wanted to “take care of a few people” saying negative things about Litton. Litton assured SBC leaders on the call that “he did not think this was a good idea.” Litton related the story during a teleconference where Litton addressed the Sermongate plagiarism scandal.

The conference call featured a range of Southern Baptist leaders but did not include any of the Executive Committee or staff. While a total number of people on the call is unknown, multiple persons told the Capstone Report that about 40 people were invited to the call and well over 20 heard Litton’s comment.

Sources who heard the call said Litton’s explanations to SBC leaders about his plagiarism mirrored Litton’s recent public appearance at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS). In that appearance, Litton denied committing plagiarism because Litton claimed he had permission to borrow from J.D. Greear.

This excuse was rejected by many Southern Baptists. First, borrowing without attribution even if one has permission is still plagiarism. Second, Litton plagiarized sermons for much longer than he admits. Research showed Litton plagiarized from Tim Keller in 2012.


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