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The Tragedy of a Mentally Incompetent World Leader Whose Advisors Refuse to Challenge Him

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Opinion, Politics, US, World | 0 comments

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The Tragedy of a Mentally Incompetent World Leader Whose Advisors and Family Refuse to Challenge, Confront, or Control Him

Various world leaders in history have been incredibly talented, ambitious, gracious, lazy, indulgent, vicious, perverted, brutal, incompetent, and crazy as a loon. Some of the above is true of Joe Biden, pretending to be President of the U.S. After all, if a man can pretend to be a woman, a black racist can pretend to be a lily-white person, then a fumbling, foolish, and failing lifetime politician can pretend to be the leader of the free world.

However, the catastrophic and tragic results are not pretended, temporary, or easily corrected.

As a world leader, Biden has been preceded by many others in different times and different places with whom he has a similar modus operandi.

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Roman Emperor Caligula was known for his lavish projects, his sadism, and his eccentricity. He once had his army construct a two-mile floating bridge so he could gallop along it on his horse. I suppose he sold that to the Rome Senate as a much-needed “infrastructure bill.” But then, he didn’t need Senate approval since he often said, “Remember that I have the right to do anything to anybody.”

Caligula built a lavish house for his horse and attempted to appoint his steed to the prestigious position of consul. However, he (Caligula, not his horse) was assassinated before he could complete the promotion.

In the interest of discretion, I will not deal here with the many appointments Joe Biden has made that are regrettable, repulsive, and reckless to freedom nor with the RINOs that did not scream their objection. Although Biden did make much of his dogs that seemed to have the freedom to roam in his palace, I mean the White House.

Caligula had an odd physique, and his body was extremely hairy—except for his head. He was often ridiculed as looking like a goat. If anyone at court used the word goat, he was beaten to death with an iron rod. Suetonius alleges in his A.D. 121, The Twelve Caesars that Caligula made it a crime “for any person to look down on [him] from above or so much as to name a goat.” The emperor also dressed in female shoes and wigs, slept with his sisters, and paraded his fourth wife nude in front of his associates at court.

Biden’s decline has not reached the depraved depths of Caligula, but Joe’s irresponsible decisions have been far more devastating, disastrous, and deadly to the world.

Roman Emperor Nero (nephew of Caligula) became synonymous with madness. History reveals while persecuting and prosecuting Christians, he killed his stepbrother, his wife, and his mother (with whom he had sex). He was also charged with burning Rome to extend his palace, and he allegedly fiddled while the city burned.

Joe can’t play a fiddle.

Closer to modern times, King George III of England, whom a small group of future Americans spanked thoroughly in the late 1700s, reigned more than 59 years having great successes and massive failures. George was deeply devout and spent hours in prayer. He first met his wife on their wedding day and remained faithful to her throughout his life, unlike most European royalty. They had 15 children—nine sons and six daughters.

That’s something Biden can’t boast of since he broke up Jill’s first marriage with Bill Stevenson and has since pretended his courtship with Jill was a classic and classy romance. It was not. It was a sordid affair. Jill’s husband even gave Biden $11,000 for his first senate campaign, but I suppose he is no longer a Biden supporter. Fact is, he is writing a book about the whole affair.

King George had a keen interest in agriculture, earning him the nickname “Farmer George.” He was sincerely loved and applauded for his victory in the Seven Years War with France and other accomplishments, including not being dragged into the bloody French Revolution. His résumé would be more impressive if he had managed to stay out of the American Revolution or War of Independence.

While George was admired for living a virtuous life, he was troubled with the vile lifestyles of his sons, who became infamous for secret spouses, meddling mistresses, and bastard babies.

George was a brilliant, talented, and thoughtful king who, at various times, ruled, reigned, and ranted. Colonial Americans considered him a tyrant; however, much of the problem was with the English Parliament that George had to get along with.

When George drifted into violent insanity in 1788, lasting several months, his physicians forced him to wear a straitjacket while doctors blistered his skin in an attempt to rid the body of poisons. Blistering consisted of using James’ Powders (mostly arsenic). As is often true, the cure was worse than the disease and ended up killing him. A sample of the King’s hair in 2005 revealed high levels of arsenic from the powders.

The King’s final months were spent being bound in a straitjacket and sometimes chained to a chair. He died at Windsor Castle on January 29, 1820. He had an impressive funeral, but the tombstone should have read: Killed by unskilled physicians.

As the king’s health deteriorated, he developed dementia and became completely blind, and at Christmas of 1819, he talked nonsense for 58 hours. He had also gone deaf, so he was spared having to hear what he said.

Biden doesn’t have that luxury when he blabs gibberish.

Physicians and aristocrats who had contact with George noted that he often spoke nonsense when he was not well. It got so bad, it was not possible to comprehend what he meant to say. He would talk for many hours without stopping as he foamed at the mouth. On a special occasion, he walked to the podium, bowed, and said to the illustrious crowd, “My Lords and Peacocks.” But that was simply George. Everyone knew most of the European royalty had been interbreeding for decades, so many of them were quirky.

With George, it was more than being quirky or eccentric. He was sick and suffered bouts of mental instability as early as 1765 and lasted until he died in 1820.

Joe Biden is not just “sleepy Joe” or a “little quirky.” He, at times, seems to be in another world, not knowing whether he is pitching or catching. For sure, he should not be in the game. His first year in office proves he is way out of his league, and his failures are already devastating the world.

Biden delayed the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, giving terrorists control of Kabul, making the terrorists the de facto government. His decision, one of the worst in American history, resulted in bombing deaths, chaos at the airport, giving names of Americans to the terrorists, and finally leaving an unknown number of American citizens in the hands of the violent Taliban. This decision will live long in history as one of the most despicable, unnecessary, and tragic political decisions ever made.

A less severe consequence of the surrender was to leave billions of dollars of military equipment in enemy hands. Hey, I’m no military expert, I wasn’t even a real sharp Boy Scout (since I had just discovered girls), but I know you remove American civilians first, then support personnel, then the military and equipment. And as far as leaving the equipment behind, it should have been ferried to a nearby friendly nation. Even if that was not possible, you can destroy a huge airplane with one well-placed hand grenade. Or, using a shoulder-fired rocket launcher, one can destroy a fleet of planes, tanks, trucks, and a massive stack of automatic rifles in a few minutes.

Biden’s appalling decision is branded on his face, the Democrats, and the wobbly RINOs for the world to see and Biden’s nonsensical chattering will be rejected by all honest people. And he can’t turn his back and walk away from this fiasco.

Biden canceled the Keystone XL pipeline that cost Americans thousands of jobs with no concern for the far-reaching consequences. He also canceled oil and gas leases affecting thousands of jobs in the southwest states.

Biden’s border policy is an obvious disaster as to a record number of illegal aliens flooding into U.S. cities from sea to shining sea. He even permitted 900,000 deported aliens to return to America! Biden spent nearly $90 million, so illegal invaders could sleep well in nearby motels. The deadly results will be evident for decades to come.

To add to the confusion, he stopped building the wall costing us $6 million a day to not continue the work. He compounded his madness, and some say treason, by preventing most arrests and deportations of criminal illegal aliens. Biden reinstituted the catch and release program stopped by President Trump with the expected consequences of those aliens distributing the COVID virus among us.

Biden’s Department of Justice has been vigorously pursuing the “insurrection” on January 6 but smiles benignly as the rebels, rioters, and robbers of Black Lives Matter and Antifa fame have all charges dropped.

Biden is not totally unconcerned for everyone since he permits transgender people to serve in the military, even paying for sex-change surgeries. Biden is very generous—with our money. He also signed an executive order including “gender identity” in the enforcement of civil rights laws showing his rainbow colors by creating a White House Office on Gender Policy. Parents of girls in sports can now count on the feds enforcing Title IX eviscerating women’s sports, putting the radical LGBTQ agenda above women’s rights and safety. Furthermore, he ordered the State Department to make LGBTQI issues a foreign policy priority. He did not explain why giving legal permission for perversion was a foreign policy issue, but it made the LGBT crowd happy.

That’s all that matters; after all, they make up about 3% of the U.S. population. But they are loud, rich, and they vote—left.

I could go on and on and on about his cuddling up to Communist China, appeasing the fanatics in Iran, insisting on mask mandates, kowtowing to the leftist teachers’ unions, mailing stimulus checks to incarcerated felons, and sending $125 million to the Palestinian Authority.

Biden is a gun grabber who wants to make it impossible for Americans to defend themselves, totally contrary to the Constitution. Interestingly, the Taliban in Kabul issued orders for all citizens to surrender their guns within a week! I was going to add, they learned that from Biden, but all tyrants do that. After all, they may be tyrants, but they aren’t stupid.

So, it is time for Biden to go slowly into the night. No big deal. Just leave for the sake of America and the free world. If he is too far gone to be aware of his condition, his advisors must step in and convince him to move back to his basement in Delaware. It is past time for those in Congress to act in defense of their country and in obedience to their sacred oath to defend this nation. They must pull all the strings, push all the buttons, call in all favors, and sound all alarms to remove Biden.

If all else fails, Jill should do what she should have done months ago and demand he leave. How can a wife, family member, or friend permit a loved one to continue in such a powerful position impacting millions of people while every sensitive person feels sorrow for him?

Joe Biden is fiercely derided on the one side and weekly defended on the other side because he has no defense. He has attained the frailties without the wisdom, knowledge, and experience of age. His friends and relatives must admit that and take responsibility to render him harmless—at least to America, which he has sworn to protect.

Biden must go—now.

Leaving us with what’s-her-name Harris in the Oval Office! Well, I’ll deal with that later.

(Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives who ran a large Christian school in Indianapolis and wrote columns for USA Today for 8 years. Boys authored 19 books, the most recent, Reflections of a Lifetime Fundamentalist: No Reserves, No Retreats, No Regrets! The eBook is available at Amazon.com for $4.99. Other titles at www.cstnews.com. Follow him on Facebook at Don Boys, Ph.D., and visit his blog. Send a request to DBoysphd@aol.com for a free subscription to his articles and click here to support his work with a donation.)

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