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Al Mohler Says Ed Litton is Not a Good Example for SBTS Students

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Al Mohler recently appeared in a Q&A session with his students at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) where he was directly asked by one of the students about Ed Litton’s plagiarism. The student asked him pointedly how SBTS students should respond academically as well as how he believes the Southern Baptist Convention should deal with the situation.

“There is no doubt that the conversation we’re having right now is occasioned by the fact that the president of the Southern Baptist Convention, Dr. Ed Litton, has been involved, to some degree, in the preaching of someone else’s sermons,” Mohler responded. “And beyond that, we can see the whole issue of, kind of, the manufacture of sermons which is now widespread.”

“I would simply have to say that that is, precisely, not what we are trying to teach or hold up as an example here.”

Mohler went on to say that since Ed Litton was elected the president of the Southern Baptist Convention, “no doubt because of his many gifts,” that it would only be right for the Southern Baptist Convention to deal with the issue of how to deal with Litton’s plagiarism scandal. Mohler insisted that he had to leave that issue with them.

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“I, of all people, should not imply that I know the answer to that question.”

Of course, we believe that Al Mohler does have more responsibility than that simply by the very virtue of his long-time stature, influence, and leadership within the denomination to not only suggest that more be done to discipline Litton but insist on it. Of course, we do not compare Al Mohler to the Apostle Paul by any means, but the principle that one must not get involved in the public affairs of other churches, religious organizations, or ministries, is absurd and, as repeatedly noted by the Apostle Paul and others in Scripture, it is not only a right, but a duty to speak up.

Today, Reformation Charlotte released a new plagiarism mash-up where Litton plagiarized JD Greear on Romans 10:1-12. This is one of the most blatant of them all.


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