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SBC Leftist Elites Want to Use Your Tithe Money to Fund the Rape and Murder of Women and Children

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The Southern Baptist Convention’s International Missions Board (IMB) announced last year that Bryant Wright would be named the new president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Send Relief under the North American Mission Board (NAMB). Wright, a “never-Trump” leftist, is the founding pastor of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta, GA, and led the congregation for 38 years. Wright was pursued by Kevin Ezell, president of the NAMB, and reports to both Ezell and Paul Chitwood, president of the International Mission Board.

Wright is a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Wright is involved in several leftist pro-open-borders campaigns including the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT), a front group for the National Immigration Forum which is heavily funded by George Soros and other leftist organizations. While nearly nobody contests the fact that Russell Moore, former head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission is far left of center, it is becoming clear as we uncover more information that Bryant Wright may be even further to the left.

Wright has led his church to embrace a massive refugee resettlement effort based on the unbiblical and false teaching that Jesus himself was a refugee and has openly opposed the president and his local government’s efforts to protect its citizens from overburdening the welfare system and indefinitely turning entire neighborhoods into refugee camps. He has called on the state to effect mass immigration stating that “the Bible teaches people to care for refugees.”

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“How we respond to refugees and immigrants is how we respond to Jesus,” Wright said in an interview on 60 Minutes saying that Jesus was the “ultimate immigrant” as he “left His native land in heaven to come to our land here on earth.”

Now, these same people are attempting to garner support from Southern Baptist churches–through volunteer work as well as cooperative program dollars–to fund a massive Afghanistan refugee “resettlement” program here in the United States.

According to Send Relief’s website,

Send Relief is strategically working with World Relief and our trusted global ministry partners to minister to Afghan refugee families around the world. As refugees flee persecution and resettle in communities around the globe, Send Relief can connect you and your church with opportunities to give, pray and volunteer to support our response.

Your gifts to the Afghanistan Refugee Crisis Fund will provide welcome kits, ESL classes, job interview prep and more. Give today to bring help and healing to Afghan refugees.

Alan Cross, a known far-left advocate of open borders and other progressive Evangelical causes, is ecstatic about this.

But is this a good idea? Or are we treading on dangerous ground?

According to a number of reports, rampant violent and sexual crime exists within Afghan refugee communities. At least one report noted that in Europe, as Afghan refugees have been piling up over the years, “there was one development that had not been expected, and was not tolerable: the large and growing incidence of sexual assaults committed by refugees against local women.”

“The report continued, “These were not of the cultural-misunderstanding-date-rape sort, but were vicious, no-preamble attacks on random girls and women, often committed by gangs or packs of young men.”

Numerous reports of violent sexual assaults on women and children by Afghan refugees around the world are beginning to pile up again in this current crisis. Just last month, the Associated Press reported that a 12-year-old girl was raped and murdered by an Afghan refugee in Austria.

Unfortunately, either these men who run the Southern Baptist Convention are so dense that they don’t realize that relocating droves of people–who care nothing about defending their own country–into civilized nations like the United States will only serve to destabilize the country and devolve us unto a third-world nation just like the one they came from. Or, they do understand this, and like most far-left activists, they are seeking and desire this outcome.

Either way you look at it, they are seeking to use money from the Southern Baptist Convention’s Cooperative Program, which is funded by tithes and offerings, to advance this agenda.


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